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December 8, 2006

Ongoing Cookie Quest

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So far Leanne from Artist By Nature has shared her yummy-sounding Egg Nog cookies! I was also pointed toward some Dirty Snowballs, a family recipe from MichaelM at Smoke & Mirrors. Coyote Mike also gave me a recipe for meat pies. They sound…interesting. But I don’t know about mixing my meat with raisins and dried fruits. Throw some carrots and peas in there though, and then you’ve got something. Rather like Shepherd’s Pie in a convenient carry-all crust.

Nancy suggested the peanut butter kisses cookies, which I love. I do have the recipe and have made them several times before, including for the first cookie exchange I went to. KaraMia has pointed me to Iced Pumpkin Cookies. I actually have a slight pumpkin phobia, but Zed will drool over these, so they will definitely be made.

Doing a little of my own research, I’ve found Black & White cookies, Chocolate Waffle cookies and Chocolate Espresso cookies. Hmmm. I’m starting to see a theme here. Martha Stewart’s Holiday Cookie Glossary also has a lot of possibilities. My problem is that I can’t choose! I want to make them all. Drown myself in cookies. That sounds like a good way to go, right?

Gypsy left me my 5,000th comment on my request for cookie recipes, and so she has won a batch of cookies. Any cookie she wants from any of the links above! She also has a post today with tons of good links, and had one for a food site that is making me hungry.

Help me pick a recipe, please! What sounds good?

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