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December 11, 2006

2006 Christmas Tree Decorating Contest

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I was browsing around the Bloggy Gossip site, run by the infamous Leanne and MommaK, and I found a Christmas Tree decorating contest hosted by Local Girl at Island Life. What fun! Go here to vote for me and look at the other entrants too!

After 18 years of fake Christmas trees, ghetto stars, and too many hand-me-downs, I’ve started My Own Real Tree. Below is a photo of M.O.R.T., a lovely Frasier Fir, trimmed from top to bottom. My Thursday Thirteen will feature my favorite ornaments.

Since Elle and Zed were old enough, the tradition has been for me to assemble the tree*, shape, and add lights. Then, I unwrap all the ornaments, doling out special ornaments to each child. Some were hand-painted by me when Zed was born (poor Elle…I got lazy and never finished hers…), some were gifts, some hand-me-downs from family, and some were made by the kids. Each one has a story. The kids know them too. I love M.O.R.T. It’s slightly misshapen, and leans (due to being moved from the front room to it’s current, featured position in the living room) a bit in the stand. A couple of branches are too long and gangly. But it smells wonderful. The needles are so soft, and leave a slight piney scent on your fingers after you touch them. And it’s My Own Real Tree.

There are many other fantastic trees featured in this contest. Some are quite beautiful. But My Own Real Tree has a special place in my heart, and hopefully in yours as well. 

*One fake tree had a long pole, and then individual branches that had to be inserted into holes in the pole. Different levels of branches were color coded. The tree was so old, the painted color codes were rubbing off, and the top section was an umbrella-like piece. Sadly there was a huge gap between the top piece and the body of the tree, which was difficult to disguise. The year I got sick of that one, I went and bought a tree from Michaels. It came in three sections, and the limbs folded down like a reverse umbrella. My hands would get so dry from shaping the limbs and branches, and no matter what, it just looked too ‘perfect’.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Knit

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Or, perhaps Invasion of the Skeins. I was plopped on the couch the majority of the weekend. I finished, ripped out, and then re-did this hat for Nick. The green one. The first one was too big. I measured his giant melon, made the biggest size according to measurements, and somehow it was still too big. Now I’m on #2 for Zed. His will be navy blue. I do have to go to the knit shop at lunch to figure out the particular seaming stitch the pattern calls for, but that’s not too much work.

After that’s done, I’ve also got to get needles to start these. For my mom I think. Nick will also get these. Then I have three of these bags to assemble. The pieces are all knitted and begging to be stitched up. One in the green shown, one in organge, and one in a wine-red color. And, when I tuck in the ends, this scarf will be finished. If you knit, I highly recommend making this lovely scarf. It didn’t take me two hours to knit it up, and it’s so soft and fluffy. The pattern is free! Oh, and yes, all this is for Christmas. I have two weeks from today to finish. At least my fingers are in shape, even if the rest of me isn’t.

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