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December 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, ed. xvi

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Lass’ 13 Favorite Christmas Ornaments

Don’t forget to check out my first real Christmas tree and then vote for me at Island Life.

1.  Nick’s Superman ornament.

2.  Elle’s new ornament. Nick’s nickname for her is Monkey.

3.  One of my imported ornaments. This one is hand-beaded and from Africa.
4.  Elle’s First Christmas! 1998. 🙂

5.  Zed’s First Christmas! 1995!

6.  One of my many dolphin ornaments. This one is hand-carved wood.

7.  My new ornament from Nick. I sure wish I had a martini right now!

8.  I hand-painted this ornament the year Zed was born.

9.  My lovely blown-glass angel. I love the colors in her skirt.

10.  This is a two-for-one. The puppy was a gift from my great-grandmother when Zed was born, and the train is one of a set of hand-made wood ornaments from a German Christmas market.
11.  This is our new Swarofski crystal ornament. It’s from Nick’s sister to celebrate our first married Christmas.

12.  Nick bought this for me last year to commemorate our first date at Starbucks.

13.  Merry Christmas Y’all! From our home in Texas to you!

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