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December 15, 2006

What are the chances…

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Nick asked last night as he stared at his Sunbutter*.

Nick: What are the chances one of the kids used my Sunbutter after they made a peanut butter sandwich?
Me: Hopefully they know better. I don’t think they’ve been using it though.

Nick proceeds to make his sandwich. He eats it.

Nick: Uh oh.
Me: *sigh* The Benadryl strips are in my purse. And then take two more regular Benadryl.
Nick: I’ve got to get it out of my system too. *goes to bathroom*
Me: Are we going to have a major problem?
Nick: I don’t know yet.

We ended up not having a major problem, but if the kids think they’ll still get presents for Christmas after trying to knock off their step dad, well, they’re sadly mistaken**.

*Nick is allergic to nuts.
** I know it was just an accident, but it could have been a very bad accident and we had a talk this morning. The children will no longer be allowed to use the Sunbutter, and it will be kept far away from their reach.

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