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December 17, 2006

Six Eclectic Things About InterstellarLass & The Cookie Finalist

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I’ve been tagged by Buttercup and Bean to reveal six eclectic/weird/unusual things about myself. Oh where to start!

1. I have a ‘thing’ about hangers and the way clothes hang in the closet. With the garment front facing you, the hanger hook should be open to the left side. It really bugs me when clothes are hung backwards. Clothes on the right side of the closet face the back of the closet, while clothes on the left side face the front of the closet.

2. I love to have my feet and toes played with. I will beg Nick to rub my feet and put his fingers between my toes to stretch them out. I also like to have my toes pulled. Too weird? Sorry. Forget I said that.

3. I have an obsession with counting. Almost OCD-ish. If I have to count things, I will count them at least three times before I’m convinced I correctly counted. This sometimes makes for slow knitting.

4. I don’t like for my food to touch on my plate. Meat! Stay away from vegetable! And if there are sauces running together? Fuggedabouttit. And I eat things one at a time. And I have a really hard time with leftovers too.

5. I remember completely useless pieces of trivia. What was the name of the book Bilbo Baggins wrote? There and Back Again. What year was the catalytic converter first required on cars? 1975. Yeah, but ask me to remember the name of a person I met five minutes ago or what I had for lunch, and I have no clue.

6. I can stand the sight of blood, I can watch surgeries on TV all night long, and I can even eat while watching. But put a needle or a scalpel in front of me and cut the skin, and I freak out. I really think I could have been a doctor if I could have always had someone else to do the sharp instrument part of it for me.

There you have it! The six strangest, eclectic things about me. If you feel the inclination, consider yourself tagged! I love learning about people’s little idiosyncrasies.


On Saturday, I went to my friends’ Annual Cookie Exchange. Mmmm. We had Chocolate Turtle Cookies, Snickerdoodles, Snowballs, Yin-Yangs (white and chocolate cookies), and traditional decorated Sugar Cookies. My contribution to the event were Meyer Lemon Ricotta Cookies. Laura at Vitamin Sea gave the link on her site to a slew of butter cookie recipes and these were perfection.

I’d never heard of Meyer Lemons before, but they are evidently ‘specialty’ lemons. Their juice is darker, they are jucier lemons, and the juice is sweeter, not quite as tart as a regular lemon. I ended up finding them at Central Market. I looove Central Market. It is food heaven. Just walking in the place makes you want to cook. I think these are only in Texas right now, but all the rest of you don’t know what you’re missing. They’re at the same level as Whole Foods, but my personal opinion is that CM is better.

Anyway, back to the cookies. I only ended up making two modifications to the recipe. I bought three of the Meyer lemons. Out of the three lemons, I ended up with more than enough juice, but nowhere near the 3 tablespoons of zest called for. I don’t have a ‘real’ zester, so I use a fine grater. I ended up with about 1-1.5 tablespoons of zest, but once the cookies were done, I think it was plenty. I wouldn’t buy more lemons (@ $3.99 per pound!) just to get more zest, because the juice would go to waste, unless you could find some other way to use it. Also, I used white nonpareils to decorate the cookies rather than the silver dragees. Another specialty product, I was too cheap to spend $16.99 for a 3 oz bottle of dragees. The French can keep their non-edible cookie decorations! I would also caution you to be very careful with the icing if you make it. I added a bit too much juice, and my icing was a little bit too runny. Next time I will err on the side of being too thick rather than too runny. These cookies are SOOO yummy! I hope you’ll try them.

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