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December 19, 2006

On Schedule?

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Countdown to Christmas: Six Days Remaining. Dun da da…

So far, we’re looking good gift-wise. Nick & Zed’s hats are done, and except for the bind-off and thumb-work, I’m d-o-n-e with my mom’s gloves. Just the three bags remain to be put together, and with the fabulous new finishing stitch – mattress stitch – that I’ve learned, the bags and hats are near-perfect. Only I, with my critical eye, can see my mistakes.

Now, house-wise, we are far from ready. But, The Ex will have the kids from Wednesday night to Sunday night, and both Nick and I are off Friday, so I’m confident we can hide clean out all the debris. I am convinced we have TOO MUCH STUFF. Nick says it’s not enough storage. I’m looking to get rid of stuff though. I think Goodwill is going to be getting a good haul before the holiday.

And, I’ve decided what I’m cooking for Christmas dinner. Our recent tradition, started somewhere in the last decade, has been for a brunch (see item 10). This year I’m making everyone show up later, and we’re doing a dinner. On the menu:

Beef Bourguignon with Roasted Mushrooms and Pearl Onions
Potatoes with Parsley
Baked Mushroom Rice
Creamed Spinach
Fig Holiday Roll
Pumpkin Pie
Wine, lots and lots of wine.

The spinach will be made minus the meat elements so that my mom can eat it, and any of the sides that require chicken broth will have vegetable broth substituted. I’m looking forward to this dinner! It sounds delicious to me.

What are you doing for Christmas (or other holiday) dinner?

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