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January 9, 2007

Love Letters

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If there’s one person that can get me thinking about my kids, it’s Raehan. Her posts about Rachel and Hannah bring a smile to my face and occasionally a tear to my eye. If there’s a mom out there in the blogosphere that I admire most, I think it’s probably her. Her recent post, Booty Ballet, made me think. She talked about the expression of love and affection.

Elle and Zed are both very affectionate children. Zed’s getting more standoffish now that he’s getting older. He still holds my hand through the parking lot, but walks five feet away once we get in the store. Elle is still very lovey-dovey. She loves hugs, snuggling, and most of all, love notes. She writes them all the time, leaving them on our pillows, on the couch, and sometimes they get delivered, kamikazee-like, thrown in our laps as she scurries down the hall. Recently, they’ve gotten more eloquent than “I love you mom and Nick”, decorated with hearts. These are the last two I got, and are unedited. The first one is my Christmas letter.

Dear Mom

I Love you so much that I Look in my photo book. I Look at you in My Photos Book. And im am so happy that I smile. I love it so much that I smile so big. In then I come out of my room and huge you tite. I love you momey. I love you more ok momey.


I sometimes tell her that she’s growing up too fast. She’s getting taller, and her writing and spelling (believe it or not) are getting better since she got her glasses. She’s maturing and becoming more independent. There was a day when I was talking about college and how she’d end up moving away to go to college. She couldn’t quite comprehend this, and this was the result.

Dear mom

I am so sorry that i am gronging up so fast. In a few years I will still be with you because I wont leave you.


I love getting her love letters. They make me smile when I’m sad. I get a love letter from her almost daily. Folded in strage ways, folded so many times she couldn’t fold them anymore, some with tiny corners torn out to write mini-love notes to Nick. And the beautiful thing is that they’re simple. Just I love you. Nothing fancy, but they make my heart squish.

The thing about weather in Texas…

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It’ll change. Makes planning anything in advance practically impossible. Our January wedding was perfect weather – mild temperatures and partly clear skies. This last Friday was nice weather. Saturday was crap. Sunday was nice weather. Sadly, the wedding was scheduled for Saturday. Saturday evening. In an outdoor chapel. In the hills outside Austin. In BFE. I mean, the location is beautiful. When you can see, and when it’s not in the 40’s with the wind blowing. Everyone was miserable, from the bride on down. You could tell the pastor was mentally editing the ceremony just to get everyone out of there and into cover and warmth. It was especially difficult for the handicap/elderly members of the party. The path was paved with cedar chips, and it was a bit of an uphill hike from the parking lot to the chapel. The good thing was everyone kept a humor about it.

I was also confused about the scheduling of the hotel location, the rehersal dinner location, the ceremony and the reception. Nothing was close. The only thing that was close was the proximity of the reception to a liquor store, and that was just luck. 🙂

The happy couple is now enjoying a Caribbean cruise. Sunday morning Nick and I were enjoying breakfast with Bubba when the newly-weds called. We think we forgot to sign the marriage license. “No bringing her back now.” the bride’s father joked. “You’ve had the wedding night.” Turned out everything was OK though. They’d signed when they got the license. The pastor did everything else. Phew. All legal.


I’ve discovered, via Gypsy, that this week is National De-Lurking Week. Come on, I know it’s painful, but I haven’t gone whoring for comments in a while. If you come by regularly or irregularly, let me know.


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