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January 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, ed. xx

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Thirteen Thoughts from InterstellarLass

1. I went to the gym last night. 1 hour of Cardio, Butts & Guts, followed by 1 hour of PiYo. Ouch.

2. Immediately after, I felt OK. But once I got home I felt worn down and exhausted. I need to be paying more attention to my resolution to get more sleep.

3. I’ve made hotel reservations for my NYC marathon stay in November. But someone I work with that’s from there said it’s not in a good area. I’ve looked at other hotels and they are so damn expensive! I’m going to hold on to this reservation for now and keep looking around.

4. This weekend we’re going to finish taking down the Christmas lights outside. There’s not enough daylight to do it after work, and we were out of town last weekend. Good-bye Christmas, see you in 11 months.

5. One of my friends is having a birthday tomorrow. I’m going to go out to dinner with her, her sister, and another friend. It should be fun because I haven’t been out with her in a while.

6. Nick’s dad Ed has a friend, Duke. The two of them have been friends for 70 years. Nick and his brother both took their dad to see Duke when they each visisted back in December. Between when Bubba was there and when Nick’s sister went to see their dad, Duke fell. He went to the hospital and got sent home, only to return after 24 hours. He’s been in the hospital since then.

7. On Tuesday, we heard the prognosis wasn’t good for Duke. Nick’s sister works in hospitals, and she didn’t think that Duke would leave. Yesterday we got an email saying that Duke had gotten out of bed twice and sat in a chair two hours each time. This was such good news.

8. Nick’s dad doesn’t have any immediate family in El Paso anymore. His sister-in-law Flo (yes, she’s Aunt Flo) and Duke both live in Las Cruces, which is an hour away. Flo has been ill lately too with heart trouble. After the sad visit to Duke over the weekend, Nick’s dad alluded to the fact that if the two of them passed, he wouldn’t be far behind.

9. This greatly upset Nick. It wasn’t until his mother passed three years ago that Nick and his dad really were able to have a relationship. Being closer to his dad has been something Nick has treasured, and hearing that his dad may be getting the mentality of ‘I’ve lived long enough’ is very hard for him to hear.

10. I’m not much of a ‘pray-er’ but if you have a moment, please pray in any way you want for all three of these wonderful, treasured family and friends.

11. Tonight I’m going to have both kids make cards for Nick’s dad. Mail and email are the only forms of communication for him, due to his deafness. I’m going to make it a point to send him two cards every week since he likes getting mail so much.

12. Switching gears now, someone sent me an email this morning with a link to this. Three guys running 400 miles across the Sahara desert. Amazing. What I really want to know is how the heck do these guys get that much vacation?!?

13. Tomorrow is my two-year bloggiversary. Two years of me. How have you all been able to stand it!?

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