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January 22, 2007

I’ll never look the same at people

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Still no news so far. I feel bad for Nick and the kids. I was pretty snippy Friday night while I cooked dinner. So after dinner I just kept my martini glass full and only opened my mouth to sip from said martini glass. Then I was OK Saturday. What could I do? Nothing except enjoy my weekend.

Saturday afternoon, Nick and I went to see the Body Worlds exhibit at our Museum of Nature and Science. It was both thrilling and disappointing at the same time, if that can be possible.

In all, it was an excellent exhibit. The plastinates were fascinating to look at. It was as much a display of science as one of art. The details of the dissections were so precise, and the positioning of the bodies was so natural. I think that actually made it more comfortable to look at them. One thing I noticed was that there was some aspect of life to the bodies. For the most part, they all had nails and lips. It was still slightly human and in no way grotesque.

The part I didn’t like was the crowd. The tickets were sold with specific admission times, and you figured they would have a limited number of tickets sold for each admission time. And they may have. It was just too many. We actually had to skip a few display cases because there were so many people crowded around them it would have been 10 minutes before we even got close enough to see. And it was also very hot, which made it more difficult to wait. We stayed by one exhibit longer just because we found air conditioning!

I know that’s not the fault of the exhibit, but rather the museum. I wonder if it would have been less crowded during the weekday or a weekday evening. I’d like to take Zed, but I will definitely need to study up on my anatomy before I go again. There were some explanations, and I remembered some of my learnings from Anatomy and Physiology from high school, but there were some things that just wouldn’t come to me.

After, we were able to enjoy a nice quiet lunch, then a little bit of a nap before the kids had back-to-back basketball games. Elle’s team didn’t fare well. I don’t know what it is that they’re not getting, but it is their first season and hopefully they’ll improve over time. It was very frustrating to watch. Zed’s game was also frustrating…in that it was 30 minutes late starting due to long-running games before. How is it that they’re able to get backed up when they allow 60 minutes for a 24 minute game to be played? But once the game started, it was fantastic. This is also the first season for Zed’s team to be together, but a few of the boys have played before. There’s one kid on the team that’s quite obviously the best, and he typically scores the majority of the points. He’s a fast-break scorer really, and he’s able to get those opportunties a lot. But not Saturday night. We had several kids, including Zed! that really stepped up and played. He was 3 for 6 (a personal high score of 6 points), and had numerous rebounds and steals. He was really playing ‘heads up ball’. A couple of other boys on the team that don’t typically score much put up several baskets as well, and the coach even sat the ‘star’ player out more than he ever has before. I was all smiles and thrilled for Zed to have a such a great game, and for his team to win. If they continue to have games like that they’ll finish the season really strong.

My other accomplishment over the weekend was that I took both dogs for baths. Tori did pretty well. She only freaked (and I do mean freaked) when the girl tried to help me cut her nails. I’m not sure I’ve heard a more painful noise come from my dog. Wrigley was good too, but I think I’ve figured out she’s afraid of heights. She laid on the drying table and clenched her paws around the end of the table. When I made her stand up to dry her belly, she was shaking the table with her tremors. I stopped and patted her and tried to soothe her along the way, but I know she was glad when it was all done.

I also took down all the house lights from Christmas. I leave them up till after New Years, but the first weekend after we were out of town, and last weekend we had a bit of ice. I was so excited when it cleared up and was actually SUNNY (for the first time in over a week!) yesterday. I was quick. The actual taking down was about 15 or 20 minutes. Then about another 10 for wrapping the strands. Nick was impressed with the speed in which I completed this. Go me.

How ’bout you? Do anything fun?

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