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January 23, 2007

Spilling the Beans

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Everything is fine. No one is hurt, sick or otherwise. I’m just a teeny bit disappointed. And a slight bit more irritated. No need to gripe and complain though, won’t do me any good.

A week ago Friday I went for an interview, and I was supposed to receive a decision by last Friday. I got a call last Friday telling me that I was going to have to wait over the weekend till Monday. Yesterday I got a call telling me that they needed just a little more time and I would definitely get a decision today. Well, I got the decision, and it wasn’t in my favor. So, I was slightly bummed. The position would have been a good step forward for me – very high profile within the company and lots of exposure to new facets of the type of work I’ve done for the last 7 years. There’s supposedly the possibility of a similar position coming open that I’ll be a fit for, but I’m not going to hang my hopes up on it. I wasn’t exactly looking, it was a call out of the blue, so, that’s that. Thanks for the concern and well wishes though! I’ll try not to be so cryptic and worrisome next time, but I was trying not to jinx it.

Patience Not Have I

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I’m calling on Master Yoda to channel the force for me. Use a Jedi mind-trick on these people. Still waiting on the call. I mean, my phone rang yesterday. Still no decision though. Me on pins and needles is not a happy me. Or a nice me.

So last night I decide to go to the gym to get my anxiety out in the form of exercise. I decided to try a new class called Boot Camp. Take my advice. Never voluntarily sign up for or enter in to any activity called Boot Camp. Zed was with me. I should be referred to DCFS for inflicting this type of activity on my child. No Mom of the Year award for me, again.

The first thing was traveling lunges across the room and back. Anyone that knows me knows well the fact that I hate lunges. These are the exercise of the devil. Well, a tie between lunges and wall sits really. And we did those too. And jumping jacks, and running around the room over step obstacles. And football dribbles and side scoots. It was pure torture. During the wall sits, Zed looked over at me and said “We are not doing this again.” I looked back at him and said “You are 1000% right we’re not.”

It all went to hell when we were running zig-zags between the cones across the room. Then sprinting back. On my first sprint back, I dug a little too deep. Pushed off with my right leg and POP! There went something. In my hip. Perhaps my hip flexor. Perhaps my gluteus medius. I just know it hurt like hell. I tried stretching it for a moment, but every time I moved after that, it siezed, and I hurt more. Time to stop. 34 minutes into Boot Camp and I was D.O.N.E.

At home, I took two Aleve, sat on an ice pack, and had Nick massage my backside with The Stick. (Don’t worry…it’s OK to click!) This morning I’m feeling stiff and sore in my right hip and not exactly a happy camper.

I hope this anxiety is relieved soon. Help me Master Yoda. You’re my only hope.

Update: Next on InterstellarAdventures: Dealing with Disappointment or “You have won second prize in a beauty contest– collect $10”. 😦 At least I know now.

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