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January 23, 2007

Spilling the Beans

Filed under: It's Me, Lass — by InterstellarLass @ 8:08 pm

Everything is fine. No one is hurt, sick or otherwise. I’m just a teeny bit disappointed. And a slight bit more irritated. No need to gripe and complain though, won’t do me any good.

A week ago Friday I went for an interview, and I was supposed to receive a decision by last Friday. I got a call last Friday telling me that I was going to have to wait over the weekend till Monday. Yesterday I got a call telling me that they needed just a little more time and I would definitely get a decision today. Well, I got the decision, and it wasn’t in my favor. So, I was slightly bummed. The position would have been a good step forward for me – very high profile within the company and lots of exposure to new facets of the type of work I’ve done for the last 7 years. There’s supposedly the possibility of a similar position coming open that I’ll be a fit for, but I’m not going to hang my hopes up on it. I wasn’t exactly looking, it was a call out of the blue, so, that’s that. Thanks for the concern and well wishes though! I’ll try not to be so cryptic and worrisome next time, but I was trying not to jinx it.


  1. oh, i’m so sorry it didn’t work out for you.

    Comment by bettersafethansorry — January 23, 2007 @ 8:51 pm |Reply

  2. DAMMIT!! I was keeping my fingers crossed for ya.

    Comment by Cara — January 23, 2007 @ 10:54 pm |Reply

  3. I do the same thing in terms of keeping things quiet so as not to jinx them. I’m sorry it didn’t work out. I know how disappointing that can be, and under even the best circumstances ding letters are no fun. Don’t be discouraged though. Remember, you are in excellent company. 🙂

    Comment by buttercup — January 23, 2007 @ 11:00 pm |Reply

  4. Don’t apologize. I understand your feelings completely.


    Comment by Raehan — January 23, 2007 @ 11:16 pm |Reply

  5. I do the samething, but its’ usually about men…lol. SOrry about not getting it, no matter what, it still stings a bit.

    Comment by Karamia — January 23, 2007 @ 11:19 pm |Reply

  6. You can’t help not wanting to jinx things, i’m still waiting on what I expect to be bum news.
    all the best for whatever you go for next.

    Comment by wisbo — January 24, 2007 @ 3:44 am |Reply

  7. Yeah, I can see why you didn’t want to jinx it. I hope this is fate, and there’s a reason why you didn’t get the position…something better might be right around the corner.
    Your gym workouts are making me extremely tired…lol

    Comment by Laura — January 24, 2007 @ 7:33 am |Reply

  8. Ugh! Sorry it didn’t work out. 😦

    Comment by Gypsy — January 24, 2007 @ 7:55 am |Reply

  9. Sending virtual hugs (and ice cream)

    Better luck next time.

    Comment by ben — January 24, 2007 @ 7:55 am |Reply

  10. SORRY YOU DIDNT GET THE JOB, but i feel better that im in the loop now… 🙂

    Comment by shannon — January 24, 2007 @ 8:01 am |Reply

  11. How disappointing! That is the reason that I’m always afraid to apply for a new position. Rejection! But, you did and it takes a lot of guts to just go for something. Good for you.

    Comment by Jolynn — January 24, 2007 @ 9:23 am |Reply

  12. Oh I’m so sorry. What a disappointment. Hopefully they’ll notice more now what an asset you are to them and do something about it.


    Comment by Leanne — January 24, 2007 @ 10:26 am |Reply

  13. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that! 😦 At least it was a hard decision for them to make, not like you went in for the interview and they told you right there that you weren’t the one.

    Your comment at my blog cracked me up. “You take a piece of meat with you…” Ha ha ha ha!!!!!

    Comment by Jen — January 24, 2007 @ 12:09 pm |Reply

  14. I am so sorry it did not work out. Must be going around. Trust that Master Yoda is in charge of the plan and something better is coming for you!

    Hope the hip feels better.

    What to read, what to read? I just finished Candles Burning that was pretty good. A different kind of ghost story.

    Comment by nancy — January 24, 2007 @ 12:56 pm |Reply

  15. I understand the whole trying-not-to-jinx-it thing, I’m the same way with these kinds of things. Sorry you didn’t get the position, and maybe even more sorry they made you wait for so long. That’s the hardest part sometimes, it seems!

    But who knows? Maybe this was just a way to get the gears in your brain turning for something even better!

    Comment by AbbyNormal — January 24, 2007 @ 5:01 pm |Reply

  16. […] news…I gave my notice at work yesterday. I start a new position at the end of the month. Remember the job I didn’t get? The hiring manager decided that he wanted to work with someone that he’d worked with before. […]

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