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January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, ed. xxii

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Thirteen Thoughts from InterstellarLass

1. Heroes came back on this week! Yay! I’ve been missing it! Now the story can continue. Have you watched too?

2. It’s warmed back up here in Texas. Nice and cool in the 40s and low 50s. Makes me want to take a long walk.

3. Elle had to spend three days at school without her glasses…she left them at her dad’s house. She didn’t bother to tell me until Tuesday evening.

4. I have four knitting projects, sitting, begging to either be finished or started. I think I got a little burnout after Christmas. But I’m about ready to get them started again.

5. My hip/backside is starting to feel a bit better. It was still rather sore yesterday. Like I got a shot in by backside. I think I might go to yoga tonight and stretch it.

6. My flowerbeds seem to be OK. My pansies appear to have survived The Great Freeze. Some of my bulbs had already started to sprout before the freeze. I wonder if my tulips will poke through before Easter.

7. Last night Nick and I went to dinner. The food was pretty good, but the service was horrible. This kid ignored us as much as possible. I typically like my cappucino with my dessert, not after. Don’t you?

8. We were going to see The Painted Veil, but ended up missing the start due to the slow service, so we walked around the shopping/restaurant area we were in.

9. We heard music coming from a place across the street, so we went to check it out. The place is called Martini Park! Sounded like my kind of place at first, but we spotted four bouncers with earpieces and microphones, and two hostesses that were hasseling a non-fabulous looking lady in jeans and we looked at each other and said “uh uh”. We don’t do pretentious.

10. So we walked around a bit, puffed on some cigars we’d picked up in a very nice cigar shop around the corner. I had a nice little baby vanilla flavored cigarillo.

11. On the way home we spotted a place that’s opened up near our house. It used to be a Burger King if that tells you anything. They had a shuffleboard table, 2 pool tables, and lots of seating space. The guy had a good selection of beers on draught, but couldn’t sell any…still waiting for the liquor license. I was bummed but accepted a ‘free’ Bud Light to be polite.

12. Over the weekend I was making a martini, and my new shaker broke. It was glass, and evidently not very good glass. I put ice in and it broke right through the side. So, we bought a metal one.

13. I love my sweetie. He’s such a good sweetie. I hope I tell him enough. I love you Nick baby.

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