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January 29, 2007

Notes on a Weekend

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I barely remember Friday night. Not for any good reason like having too much fun, but because I was exhausted. I seem to remember eating dinner, and then fell asleep, waiting for something. I roused myself enough to watch The Last Supper. I should have stayed asleep. Last night I watched Closer. It was better, but in a very bizarre kind of way.

On Saturday Elle got up before me. When I came out she was dressed in her basketball uniform, ready to play. Problem was her game wasn’t until Sunday. Poor thing. Sunday morning she was dressed and ready to go, but had to wait all day for her game at 4. They played much better this week, coming down to a very close 8-8 tie. Zed had a bye week, and he stayed in his pjs all day yesterday. Lucky thing.

Saturday night was my friend Amy’s birthday. Well, the anniversary of her birthday anyway. I think she’s trying to stop counting them. She looks so young anyway, I don’t think people would believe her if she tried to tell them how old she really is. The only note I have about the party is, either a) if you find out the restaurant you want to go to doesn’t take reservations and you have 20 people coming to dinner, find another restaurant, or b) show up early and get your name on the list so your friends don’t have to wait 2 hours for a table. We waited longer for the table than we sat at the table.

There’s something exciting about going to the grocery store and between the store card and coupons, saving nearly $30 on groceries. Or maybe it’s just me. Gosh, how lame am I?!?! Seriously, I came home and high-fived Nick, woo-hoo-ing my savings! I just realized I truly am a L.O.S.E.R. I must go hang my head in shame.

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