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January 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, ed. xxi

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Thirteen Thoughts from InterstellarLass

1. I need new tires.

2. Even with the slightest amount of iciniess on the road, I was sliding all over the road on Monday.

3. So yesterday when we had ‘snow’, Nick wouldn’t let me drive.

4. So I didn’t go to my gym classes last night. Shame on me.

5. Since late last Saturday, I don’t think the temperature has been above 33 or 34 here. This is not normal. I love it.

6. I hope my flowerbeds survive. I think my poor pansies are going to be toast though. They’ve bounced back after a day or two of ice/cold, but not 5 days of it.

7. I’m super anxious. I’ve got something in the hopper I haven’t talked about, and am waiting to hear.

8. We watched two movies yesterday. Bright Young Things and Starting Over. They were both pretty good.

9. At the end of Starting Over, we saw the name ‘Kevin Bacon’ in the credits. I confirmed on IMDB that it was indeed him. Nick and I then spent the next 15 minutes scanning through the film to finally spot him. The guy really has been in everything.

10. This weekend (if the weather holds), Nick and I are going to see the Body Worlds exhibit. I know this has been quite controversial in the news, but I think it will be fascinating. I’m sure photos won’t be allowed, but I’ll do my best to report back.

11. Next week Heroes starts back up. I’m super jazzed. This has been such a good show with a great story.

12. I made my hotel reservations this week for NYC. You’d think I’d be jumping the gun, but no, there was a lot that had no availability for that weekend. I found something in the Chelsea area for a very good price.

13. I put my new martini shaker too good use last night. Amen for martinis.

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January 16, 2007

Resolutions in Action

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So, I’m making an effort to keep up with my resolutions.

Week 1: I made it to the gym 3 times that week. Week2: Only made it to the gym once. But I’d also like to count the walking tour of the Capitol and the several flights of stairs we climbed as exercise, so I’ll bump it up to 2. That’s not cheating, right?

I’ve also worked on the reading resolution. Last night I finished a book called The Sari Shop. It’s written by an Indian woman, Rupa Bajwa, and focuses on the experiences of a young man who works in the sari shop. The manner in which descriptions were made, and the course-of-thought was slightly different from the style of writing I am used to reading, and the prose was plain and simple. In all, I thought it was a good book. The story premise (which I wasn’t sure of until the end of the book) was to show the struggle of a working class person that experiences an awakening when he is exposed to a world outside of what he’s previously known. Some of the characterizations were sketchy at best, and some of the transitions left me slightly confused. There was only a conclusion for two characters, and there were several that could have been flushed out further for a stronger story. In the end, I was left hanging. It seemed like it shouldn’t have ended where it did or ended in some other way. I was also not clear, until quite late in the book, the time in which the story takes place. There was mention of movies and cars, so I thought OK, maybe 50’s-80’s, but then a computer was mentioned, and so I figured the setting was modern times. I think this was important to understand, especially to compliment the intent of the story. The back of the book has a ‘reading guide’ and discussion topics for a book club. In the reading guide, there was some mention of a comedy. I didn’t find the book or the situations funny at all, and there were some rather sad parts and tragic circumstances. I would still recommend this to read though. It was enlightening.

The next book on my bedside table is called Love Walked In. I picked it solely on the summary on the back of the book. This is how I pick many books. I read the summary, and if the premise is decent, I’ll give it a go. Sometimes the title catches me.  Some of the reviews are mixed, but I’ll give it a chance. I started reading it last night, and the first chapter is quite clever. I was impressed that in the first 9 pages of the book, the author has worked in The Philadelphia Story, The Thin Man, and specific references to Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, William Powell and Myrna Loy AND made all references central to two of the main characters. So far I like the narrative voice being used to tell the story.

Sadly, I’m not yet doing much in the realm of ‘get more sleep’. I think that one is very important, but the easiest for me to break. I did manage to get to bed and get to sleep before midnight last night. And tonight, I’m going to the gym again.

How about you? Did you make any resolutions? Are you keeping up with them?

January 15, 2007


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…it’s cold.

…it’s icy.

…the Chargers lost. 😦

…I’m out of the Superbowl pool because they lost, despite going 7 of 8 in the first two rounds.

…I’m at work and Nick, Zed and Elle have the day off.

…it not being icy enough for me to stay home too.

…dumb pickup truck drivers on icy roads.

January 12, 2007

Send me Cotton or China

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It’s my two year bloggiversary! I want gifts! Lots of pressies for me! Actually, I probably should be paying you all for reading my aimless ramblings. Then again, bribery gets me no where, so lets just shake hands and move on.

2005 was a good year. I started off not having a clue what to do with my new creation. There I was, a young, inexperienced Lass, two years ago…

Well lookey here what I can do! Uh, what can I do? How does this thing work? Hello? Is this thing on? And then a voice from the heavens said “Comment, and they will come.”

OK, not really. I did a lot of clicking around Bl*g Explosion to earn credits so people would be forced directed to my site. I found a few interesting sites along the way and by way of them found more interesting sites. I used to check my stat counter daily. Now I don’t think I’ve looked at it in two or three weeks. Unknowingly, I was even the #62 bl*g of the day of growing blogs. I’ve achieved over 500 posts, over 5,000 comments, and about 66,000 hits in the last two years.

Recently I’ve wondered if I can keep this up. Posts don’t come as easily as the used to. Been there, posted that. I also slacked off on adventures last year. And then the whole year flew by. I have a feeling this year will too. I’m working on getting myself psyched up for NYC. Yesterday I did it by reading reviews of the 2006 race. Stay tuned folks, and remember…


January 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, ed. xx

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Thirteen Thoughts from InterstellarLass

1. I went to the gym last night. 1 hour of Cardio, Butts & Guts, followed by 1 hour of PiYo. Ouch.

2. Immediately after, I felt OK. But once I got home I felt worn down and exhausted. I need to be paying more attention to my resolution to get more sleep.

3. I’ve made hotel reservations for my NYC marathon stay in November. But someone I work with that’s from there said it’s not in a good area. I’ve looked at other hotels and they are so damn expensive! I’m going to hold on to this reservation for now and keep looking around.

4. This weekend we’re going to finish taking down the Christmas lights outside. There’s not enough daylight to do it after work, and we were out of town last weekend. Good-bye Christmas, see you in 11 months.

5. One of my friends is having a birthday tomorrow. I’m going to go out to dinner with her, her sister, and another friend. It should be fun because I haven’t been out with her in a while.

6. Nick’s dad Ed has a friend, Duke. The two of them have been friends for 70 years. Nick and his brother both took their dad to see Duke when they each visisted back in December. Between when Bubba was there and when Nick’s sister went to see their dad, Duke fell. He went to the hospital and got sent home, only to return after 24 hours. He’s been in the hospital since then.

7. On Tuesday, we heard the prognosis wasn’t good for Duke. Nick’s sister works in hospitals, and she didn’t think that Duke would leave. Yesterday we got an email saying that Duke had gotten out of bed twice and sat in a chair two hours each time. This was such good news.

8. Nick’s dad doesn’t have any immediate family in El Paso anymore. His sister-in-law Flo (yes, she’s Aunt Flo) and Duke both live in Las Cruces, which is an hour away. Flo has been ill lately too with heart trouble. After the sad visit to Duke over the weekend, Nick’s dad alluded to the fact that if the two of them passed, he wouldn’t be far behind.

9. This greatly upset Nick. It wasn’t until his mother passed three years ago that Nick and his dad really were able to have a relationship. Being closer to his dad has been something Nick has treasured, and hearing that his dad may be getting the mentality of ‘I’ve lived long enough’ is very hard for him to hear.

10. I’m not much of a ‘pray-er’ but if you have a moment, please pray in any way you want for all three of these wonderful, treasured family and friends.

11. Tonight I’m going to have both kids make cards for Nick’s dad. Mail and email are the only forms of communication for him, due to his deafness. I’m going to make it a point to send him two cards every week since he likes getting mail so much.

12. Switching gears now, someone sent me an email this morning with a link to this. Three guys running 400 miles across the Sahara desert. Amazing. What I really want to know is how the heck do these guys get that much vacation?!?

13. Tomorrow is my two-year bloggiversary. Two years of me. How have you all been able to stand it!?

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January 9, 2007

Love Letters

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If there’s one person that can get me thinking about my kids, it’s Raehan. Her posts about Rachel and Hannah bring a smile to my face and occasionally a tear to my eye. If there’s a mom out there in the blogosphere that I admire most, I think it’s probably her. Her recent post, Booty Ballet, made me think. She talked about the expression of love and affection.

Elle and Zed are both very affectionate children. Zed’s getting more standoffish now that he’s getting older. He still holds my hand through the parking lot, but walks five feet away once we get in the store. Elle is still very lovey-dovey. She loves hugs, snuggling, and most of all, love notes. She writes them all the time, leaving them on our pillows, on the couch, and sometimes they get delivered, kamikazee-like, thrown in our laps as she scurries down the hall. Recently, they’ve gotten more eloquent than “I love you mom and Nick”, decorated with hearts. These are the last two I got, and are unedited. The first one is my Christmas letter.

Dear Mom

I Love you so much that I Look in my photo book. I Look at you in My Photos Book. And im am so happy that I smile. I love it so much that I smile so big. In then I come out of my room and huge you tite. I love you momey. I love you more ok momey.


I sometimes tell her that she’s growing up too fast. She’s getting taller, and her writing and spelling (believe it or not) are getting better since she got her glasses. She’s maturing and becoming more independent. There was a day when I was talking about college and how she’d end up moving away to go to college. She couldn’t quite comprehend this, and this was the result.

Dear mom

I am so sorry that i am gronging up so fast. In a few years I will still be with you because I wont leave you.


I love getting her love letters. They make me smile when I’m sad. I get a love letter from her almost daily. Folded in strage ways, folded so many times she couldn’t fold them anymore, some with tiny corners torn out to write mini-love notes to Nick. And the beautiful thing is that they’re simple. Just I love you. Nothing fancy, but they make my heart squish.

The thing about weather in Texas…

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It’ll change. Makes planning anything in advance practically impossible. Our January wedding was perfect weather – mild temperatures and partly clear skies. This last Friday was nice weather. Saturday was crap. Sunday was nice weather. Sadly, the wedding was scheduled for Saturday. Saturday evening. In an outdoor chapel. In the hills outside Austin. In BFE. I mean, the location is beautiful. When you can see, and when it’s not in the 40’s with the wind blowing. Everyone was miserable, from the bride on down. You could tell the pastor was mentally editing the ceremony just to get everyone out of there and into cover and warmth. It was especially difficult for the handicap/elderly members of the party. The path was paved with cedar chips, and it was a bit of an uphill hike from the parking lot to the chapel. The good thing was everyone kept a humor about it.

I was also confused about the scheduling of the hotel location, the rehersal dinner location, the ceremony and the reception. Nothing was close. The only thing that was close was the proximity of the reception to a liquor store, and that was just luck. 🙂

The happy couple is now enjoying a Caribbean cruise. Sunday morning Nick and I were enjoying breakfast with Bubba when the newly-weds called. We think we forgot to sign the marriage license. “No bringing her back now.” the bride’s father joked. “You’ve had the wedding night.” Turned out everything was OK though. They’d signed when they got the license. The pastor did everything else. Phew. All legal.


I’ve discovered, via Gypsy, that this week is National De-Lurking Week. Come on, I know it’s painful, but I haven’t gone whoring for comments in a while. If you come by regularly or irregularly, let me know.


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January 8, 2007

We’re baaack

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And boy am I tired! Our weekend in Austin was fun and I caught up some sleep I think. The drives up and down were uneventful, the wedding was cold and questionably coordinated, and I didn’t get to see as much as I wanted to see of Austin, but I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. I took Nick around the Capitol building, which he’d never seen before. And I did more looping of I-35 than I wanted, but all in all it was a fun little trip. I’ve got to go back to work tomorrow. Nooooooo!

I did have a good weekend in the football pool too. The Dallas/Seattle game was closer than I would have liked, and the Giants/Philly game was anxiety-riddled. I hate ending the game on a field goal. Makes me too nervous. But I’m 4-4 through the wildcard round. We’ll have to see how the rest of it goes. Go Chargers! I’m sorry, but I can’t bet sentimental favorites in the playoffs…I’ve got to go with who I think is going to win.

January 4, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, ed. xix

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Thirteen Thoughts from InterstellarLass

1. Perusing the news last night on CNN, I saw this story. Interesting with all the stuff going down around Katrina, someone managed to quickly find the specialized resources to rescue tanks of embryos. Good for this family though.

2. I’ve made it to the gym three times this week. If the week counts starting Sunday. I did a 2 hour workout Sunday (jump start on my resolution!), a lot of walking on Monday, a quick 40 minutes Tuesday, and 2 hours last night.

3. Last night was Cardio, Butts and Guts, which totally kicked my ass. Then I followed up with PiYo (pilates/yoga) for stretching and additional core work. Now I hurt today. Ouch.

4. We also took down the Christmas tree last night. I don’t think I missed any ornaments. MORT is out on the curb now, waiting to be picked up for recycling. All the ornaments are packed away. Now Nick just has to take them out to the garage. He’ll get that done quickly though, because it means he can put his chair back.

5. I was really proud of my Christmas dinner. Everything turned out really well. There were no major disappointments with how anything turned out, and I even made my first rissotto and my first roll cake.

6. This weekend Nick and I are going to Austin for his niece’s wedding. She’s getting married in a small outdoor chapel. Pray for good weather!

7. We’ll get to spend some family time, but we’ll also have some ‘us’ time. AND we’re staying at the hotel next to the official ‘wedding party’ hotel, so we can hang out, but can escape when we’re ready!

8. Zed and Elle started back to school today. When telling him to prepare his stuff for school, I reminded Zed that he needed his gym clothes. Then he reminded me that he doesn’t have gym this semester. He has some Explorer program. He doesn’t know what it is and neither do I, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have anything to do with physical activity. Good thing he’s coming to the gym with me, otherwise he would be getting next to no exercise.

9. I’m also curious about their school lunches. Zed says they don’t have vegetables very often. It may just be him though. I checked out the school menu on the district web site and this is what’s listed:

Monday: Hamburger/Cheeseburger, Teriyaki Bowl, Chicken Nuggets w/Roll, Caesar Salad w/Deli Wrap. Tuesday: Hamburger/Cheeseburger, Crispito w/Cheese Sauce, Nacho Grande, Petite Salad w/Baked Potato. Wednesday: Hamburger/Cheeseburger, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Popcorn Chicken w/Roll, Tuna Chef Salad. Thursday: Hamburger/Cheeseburger, Lasagna w/Wheat Breadstick, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Yogurt Fruit Plate. Friday: Hamburger/Cheeseburger, Cheese/Pepperoni Pizza, Fish on Bun, Chicken Strip Salad.
Students must select one entree, and may select up to three sides; fruits, veggies and bread.

Doesn’t sound very nutritious or appetizing to me. Breaded, breaded, breaded. And what the hell is a Crispito?

10. In ironic news today, Nick and I had to reschedule our chiropractor appointments because our chiropractor threw out his back.

11. I’m considering looking into acupunture to help with my sciatic. Has anyone ever done acupunture before? Did it seem to help?

12. Tuesday night we encountered another plumbing debacle. After Zed’s shower, the tub wouldn’t drain and neither toilet would flush. A good 20 minutes of plunging, and two hours after a bottle of liquid plumber later, and we were finally able to flush twice before it stopped up again. We then dug around and found a bottle of something highly toxic and caustic that the Rotorooter men had left after a service last year. It worked it’s magic overnight. The toilet still wouldn’t flush, but the shower drained, so I was showering. Then during the shower I heard the toilet magically empty, and things have been fine since. This is good because I’m ass-deep in other projects around the house and I don’t need to add another one to the list!

13. It seems like things have been breaking, one after the other, around the house. The Saturday before Christmas it was the disposal. Thankfully Nick was able to install a new one. Now the plumbing (again!). I’m starting to become very frustrated. I’m wondering if our best bet would be to fix up what we can and then sell the house at the first of next year and move. It’ll have good equity. Must think on this plan.

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January 2, 2007


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One. One year ago yesterday. I married my love. My Superman. My Nick.

Yesterday we celebrated with brunch, Converse, knives and fried chicken. Eclectic one might say.

Thank you baby, for a wonderful year. For being a wonderful husband. A fantastic pappy. The head of our table. Our strength and our protector. My comforter and help mate. I love you.

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