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February 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, ed. xxiii

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Thirteen Thoughts from InterstellarLass

1. I’m starting to feel like a Superbowl. XXIII. The 49’ers won that year I think.

2. I think I must have a funky shaped-head or something. Goody has these things called ‘Stay Put’ bands. They’re supposed to be great for working out and ‘will stay secure no matter what you do’. I bought the Flat Headbands, and I put them on, and then they zing right off the back of my head. I also tried a Striped Silk Headband that has an elastic connector around the bottom. Also won’t stay on my head. Is there a trick to it? Am I doing something wrong? Am I deformed?

3. I’m having a bad hair day. I worked out last night, then went home and showered and dried my hair before Nick and I went to dinner. Usually my hair would look fine the next day with a little brushing and a little leave-in conditioner. Not today.

4. Scenario: A Woman has a meeting with a Person about an opportunity. Woman leaves with very positive feeling. Later, after shower and dinner, Woman and Husband go to book store to read and knit. While looking for good spot to sit, Woman encounters Person she met with earlier in the day. Woman has on no makeup, bad hairdo, slouchy clothes and a huge zit on her chin. Woman introduces Person to Husband. Person informs Woman everything is moving forward in regards to opportunity. Woman is happy yet mortified at appearance. Awkwardness ensues.

5. I also think I’m dehydrated. I’m working on a 24oz bottle of Ozarka right now to hopefully rememdy that issue.

6. Last night I started knitting again. The Cigar gloves I’m working on for Nick. I have projects I need to get d.o.n.e.

7. My mom also wants another pair of the Fetching gloves I made her for Christmas. The first pair were in chocolate brown. She wants a pair in black. And my sister wants a pair in blue.

8. I also have the yarn for this bolero for myself. And the Mabel dress for a friend’s baby. That book has so many lovely things to knit for babies. Anyone have an extra pair of hands I can borrow?

9. Zed got all his progress reports home this week. He’s doing very well. All A’s!

10. Elle is doing well also. Our school doesn’t give ‘grades’ for kids until they’re in 3rd grade, but she’s doing much better now with her glasses. Her reading and writing test scores have improved dramatically, and her math scores have come up too. She is in math tutoring to boost her scores some more. I’m very proud of how hard she’s working.

11. I learned of Elle’s progress from a parent/teacher conference I had two weeks ago with her teacher. I attend all requested conferences, and have requested several extra conferences for both of my kids. But I think this is just dumb. A bill is before the Texas congress to fine parents that do not attend parent/teacher conferences. Don’t get me wrong. I think parents should take an active stance in their child’s education. And it’s awful that people pass their kids off to the school and expect the school to do all the work. But I don’t think a Class C misdemenor and a $500 fine is in order. Making a parent a criminal is going to increase their involvment in their child’s schooling? I think not. This solution is impractical from an administrative standpoint and puts an even larger burden on courts, teachers, schools, and state financing. Back to the drawing board.

12. Tomorrow night my friends and I are having a ‘slumber party’ for two of my friends’ birtdays. Yes. A slumber party. Nick raised his eyebrows when I informed him. Go ahead guys. Imagine it. Girls in skimpy pajamas, having pillowfights, giggling and jumping on the bed. *BOOM* That was reality smacking you upside the head. Sorry, doesn’t happen. We’ll go to a happy hour, hang out in the hot tub, watch chick-flicks and snack ourselves silly.

13. Happiness is a pulled pork sandwich and bbq sauce with a side of really good potato salad. Don’t you think?

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