Interstellar Adventures

February 9, 2007

Do I smell or something?

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Hello? Yeah, still having problems posting comments. Strangely it seems to be on wordpress or other domain-hosted sites. If you’re not hearing from me, check your sp@m folders…Indigo mentioned that she had to rescue me recently from her sp@m box.

I could make millions

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If I could convince celebrities to pay me not to dress up as them for Halloween. In the past, I was both Anna Nicole and Steve Irwin. Sadly, both have passed. I admired Steve Irwin. I felt for Anna Nicole. But on the off chance…anyone have Paris Hilton’s number?

Seriously though. I am very sad for Anna Nicole’s baby girl. I hope that they get this paternity test done on her, and that they quickly determine which man she should live with. And then that person has a responsibility to keep this little girl away from the media. She already has her mother’s fame working against her. And if genetics play into addiction, she’ll have a tough road ahead of her. I’m personally rooting for the photographer. Howard K. Stern gives me the creeps, and evidently Anna Nicole has od’d in the past, and he’s covered it up. At this point, I blame him. Granted, she was one messed up chick, but I suspect that some people kept her purposely drugged up. I just hope that now she’s at peace.

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