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February 12, 2007

My future in which my children take care of me

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After their stellar sports weekend, I can see it. There I am, proud mom, waving from the stands as a retrospective plays during the big games of their respective sports. From little tykes to NBA and WPSL players. Trips to the Olympics to watch them each win for their country. When interviewed for ESPN and FoxSports, they’ll each start by thanking God, then their mom and pappy.

I’ll star in commercials, feeding soup to Zed’s team mates. I’ll take Elle shopping for the perfect sports bra to expose when she scores the winning penalty kick. At home, in the Room of Honor, I’ll tenderly dust all the little league trophies, the varsity jackets, the college scholarship offer letters. Nick and I will get to travel with them from city to city, cheering for them from the stands.

Elle’s team tied their soccer game this weekend, 1-1. Her basketball team won 12-7. Zed’s basketball team won 24-16. I can hear the scouts calling my cell phone right now…

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