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February 13, 2007

Macaroni Salad

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So, if you were cooking dinner and talking on the phone and helping your daughter help you cook dinner, would you notice that the other adult party in the house had gone to the fridge to get a ‘pre-dinner-snack’? And then, during dinner when refilling your drink from the cooler in the fridge, you notice that a certain macaroni salad that you had your eye on is missing. And then you put two and two together and realize that the other adult party ate before dinner, and ate the certain macaroni salad that you had your eye on. Would you be upset that a) the other adult party had eaten before dinner while you were cooking dinner and b) the other adult party had eaten the macaroni salad all gone without saying nary a thing.

Elle has voiced the opinion that she would like to continue to play basketball and soccer at the same time. I’m not sure if I can do three sports schedules. I’ve been pretty adamant before about only playing one sport at a time, but she has fun and I think it’s good for her. So I’m torn.

In other news…I gave my notice at work yesterday. I start a new position at the end of the month. Remember the job I didn’t get? The hiring manager decided that he wanted to work with someone that he’d worked with before. But, the exec that I interviewed with (and who I later found out actually preferred me for the position) liked me so much that he sent my resume over to another manager for another position. I got a call for an interview 4 days after I didn’t get the other job. So, I went in an interviewed, and then ran into the manager at a bookstore that same night (me with no makeup and giant zit and frizzy hair). I had a second interview with a 6-person panel, and then the CIO walked in at the end and asked a couple of questions too. Last Thursday I had to go back to fill out all the paperwork and take the drug screen – where I had to wait in a crowded, smelly clinic for over an hour just to pee in a cup. The role is similar to what I’m doing now, but with a lot more growth potential. It’s a slight lateral step, but with more money and a visible future. Everyone I interviewed with was very energetic and positive about what they do, and the manager has a clear interest in the product and the organization, not just the methodology of the role.

How about you? Anything new going on?

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