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February 15, 2007

My Sweet Baboo

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Some of you asked for it, and I also had to correct my statement regarding Nick being the MacGyver of  home-made cardmaking. The correct phrase he used was that he is the MacGyver of Romance. So here is my sweet Valentines card that I got from my sweet Wookiee hubby. Sorry for the crummy quality, but I was having a hard time with glare and focus.

I cried. Because I’m sentimental like that.

Thursday Thirteen, Ed. xxv

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Thirteen Thoughts from InterstellarLass

1. If you’ve never received a home made Valentine’s card, you are missing out.

2. Colored file folders: 12 cents each; Glue Stick: $1.09; office scissors: free; Sharpie: $1.25; Making your wife burst into tears from the sheer sweetness of the sentiment: Priceless

3. Nick is now the self-proclaimed MacGyver of home made card-making.

4. We got to enjoy a nice quiet dinner last night, then stopped for coffee. It was a good date.

5. Can you say “Damn it’s cold outside?” Alright, all together now: “Damn it’s cold outside!

6. It was snowing this morning. Our fifth snow event in Texas this winter. This is unheard of people.

7. Today’s snow is just the baby dust in the air. It is not turning into eleventy billion feet of snow like in other places, so I’ll just shut up now.

8. Wrigley’s butt was especially offensive last night. She’s probably just upset that she didn’t get a Valentine. She got extra treats though. She was passed out right under my feet, and I had to sit with my shirt over my nose to avoid dying of toxic poisoning. For some reason Nick insisted he didn’t smell it. Hmmm…

9. The whole family is expected at Zed’s band concert tonight. I wonder if he’s nervous.

10. Tomorrow night is Zed’s last basketball game. We’re not sure if his coach is coming back due to his work schedule. Zed will be very bummed if he has to switch teams because this guy is a great coach and Zed really wants to play for him again.

11. Elle is going to her first slumber party tomorrow night. I hope that goes well. And that they don’t go to bed too late because she has to be at a soccer game at 7:45 am. That’s just wrong on all levels.

12. I have a whole list of doctor appts I need to make before my last day. I have a 30-day waiting period for benefits at my new job. I think that’s wrong, but what can you do.

13. Anyone know how to get a recording off of a DVR (not a Tivo)? One of our local news anchors did something that just has to be shared, and the video isn’t on the local news site.

14. *Bonus. Here ya go MommaK…a view of where I am.


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