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February 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, Ed. xxvi

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Thirteen Thoughts from InterstellarLass

1. It has warmed up nicely this week. Highs have been in the 60’s and 70’s. A nice change from the cold temps we were having.

2. I went to a happy hour last night for another co-worker that is leaving. I have a tiny headache.

3. Zed is getting good in the kitchen. On Tuesday night I taught him how to cut a tomato. Both slices and diced.

4. Both kids love to help me cook. I’m doing better at being more patient and giving them more to do.

5. I start my new job on Monday! I’m both excited and nervous.

6. I’m a little bit sad to be leaving some of my friends here. I was thinking about it on the way in to work yesterday. I almost cried. I probably will cry tomorrow.

7. I haven’t cleaned enough off my desk. I need to get on that today. Lots of papers to file away.

8. I joined a knitting group that meets locally. Then I found out that the organizer has been AWOL for the last two months. So I started my own group! And people are joining!

9. I haven’t led a group of anything in a couple of years. The last time I did, I was President of a young professionals group. We did a couple of fund raisers, and there were two of us that ended up doing all the work. It was fun, but exhausting. I think a knitting group is more low-key.

10. I get nervous about meeting new people sometimes, but I know this should be fun. I’m always afraid that there will be a mean person or a total whacko that makes it not fun for everyone else. Knitting needles can be sharp! And the scissors…if you hear of a knitting accident in the news, you’ll know it didn’t go well for me.

11. Neither kid has a game this weekend! What am I going to do?!? No soccer?!? No basketball?!? Boo Hoo! 😦

12. Last weekend I got a baby fix. Everyone seems to be having babies lately, and I’m the tiniest bit sad that I’m not. But we got to visit some friends, and I got to hold a little two-week old baby for most of the afternoon. She slept the whole time. It was so sweet to get to cuddle her!

13. Nick will read the statement above, and then IM me and tell me not to start the wishful thinking again. He’s such a spoil sport.

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