Interstellar Adventures

February 27, 2007

Who needs a stapler?

Filed under: Elle & Zed,It's Me, Lass — by InterstellarLass @ 8:55 pm

First day, my LAN jacks didn’t work till after lunch. Second day, I didn’t get a phone till after lunch. I have staples, but no stapler. I have tape, but no tape dispenser. I’ve been to four meetings, and there are a list of issues. And I think I’m going to like it. 🙂

I haven’t been assigned a project yet. But by Thursday I should know what I’ll be working on for the forseeable future. And I ran into one of my friends’ neighbors that works there too! So far everyone has been very nice and don’t have to walk a mile from where I park to my office. Thanks for all the well wishes. So far things are looking good!

Zed has basketball playoffs starting Thursday night. I’ll have to miss Elle’s open house, which she is just torn up over. But when I told her I’d skip Zed’s open house if she had basketball playoffs, she felt better. We’re all ready to cheer for Zed! Go Zed Go!

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