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February 13, 2007

Macaroni Salad

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So, if you were cooking dinner and talking on the phone and helping your daughter help you cook dinner, would you notice that the other adult party in the house had gone to the fridge to get a ‘pre-dinner-snack’? And then, during dinner when refilling your drink from the cooler in the fridge, you notice that a certain macaroni salad that you had your eye on is missing. And then you put two and two together and realize that the other adult party ate before dinner, and ate the certain macaroni salad that you had your eye on. Would you be upset that a) the other adult party had eaten before dinner while you were cooking dinner and b) the other adult party had eaten the macaroni salad all gone without saying nary a thing.

Elle has voiced the opinion that she would like to continue to play basketball and soccer at the same time. I’m not sure if I can do three sports schedules. I’ve been pretty adamant before about only playing one sport at a time, but she has fun and I think it’s good for her. So I’m torn.

In other news…I gave my notice at work yesterday. I start a new position at the end of the month. Remember the job I didn’t get? The hiring manager decided that he wanted to work with someone that he’d worked with before. But, the exec that I interviewed with (and who I later found out actually preferred me for the position) liked me so much that he sent my resume over to another manager for another position. I got a call for an interview 4 days after I didn’t get the other job. So, I went in an interviewed, and then ran into the manager at a bookstore that same night (me with no makeup and giant zit and frizzy hair). I had a second interview with a 6-person panel, and then the CIO walked in at the end and asked a couple of questions too. Last Thursday I had to go back to fill out all the paperwork and take the drug screen – where I had to wait in a crowded, smelly clinic for over an hour just to pee in a cup. The role is similar to what I’m doing now, but with a lot more growth potential. It’s a slight lateral step, but with more money and a visible future. Everyone I interviewed with was very energetic and positive about what they do, and the manager has a clear interest in the product and the organization, not just the methodology of the role.

How about you? Anything new going on?

February 12, 2007

My future in which my children take care of me

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After their stellar sports weekend, I can see it. There I am, proud mom, waving from the stands as a retrospective plays during the big games of their respective sports. From little tykes to NBA and WPSL players. Trips to the Olympics to watch them each win for their country. When interviewed for ESPN and FoxSports, they’ll each start by thanking God, then their mom and pappy.

I’ll star in commercials, feeding soup to Zed’s team mates. I’ll take Elle shopping for the perfect sports bra to expose when she scores the winning penalty kick. At home, in the Room of Honor, I’ll tenderly dust all the little league trophies, the varsity jackets, the college scholarship offer letters. Nick and I will get to travel with them from city to city, cheering for them from the stands.

Elle’s team tied their soccer game this weekend, 1-1. Her basketball team won 12-7. Zed’s basketball team won 24-16. I can hear the scouts calling my cell phone right now…

February 9, 2007

Do I smell or something?

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Hello? Yeah, still having problems posting comments. Strangely it seems to be on wordpress or other domain-hosted sites. If you’re not hearing from me, check your sp@m folders…Indigo mentioned that she had to rescue me recently from her sp@m box.

I could make millions

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If I could convince celebrities to pay me not to dress up as them for Halloween. In the past, I was both Anna Nicole and Steve Irwin. Sadly, both have passed. I admired Steve Irwin. I felt for Anna Nicole. But on the off chance…anyone have Paris Hilton’s number?

Seriously though. I am very sad for Anna Nicole’s baby girl. I hope that they get this paternity test done on her, and that they quickly determine which man she should live with. And then that person has a responsibility to keep this little girl away from the media. She already has her mother’s fame working against her. And if genetics play into addiction, she’ll have a tough road ahead of her. I’m personally rooting for the photographer. Howard K. Stern gives me the creeps, and evidently Anna Nicole has od’d in the past, and he’s covered it up. At this point, I blame him. Granted, she was one messed up chick, but I suspect that some people kept her purposely drugged up. I just hope that now she’s at peace.

February 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, ed. xxiv

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Thirteen Thoughts from InterstellarLass

1. I’m a little frustrated. There are several bl*gs that I’ve tried to post comments on, but for some reason they’re not posting. Grr.

2. I’m glad I’m not the only one with a headband problem. See item #2. I invested in some more metal flex-clips and will have to rely on the good ‘ol scrunchie and then clip back all the shorties and fly-aways.

3. Zed has a band concert next week. He’s very excited about it. I’m excited to see him play with the full ensemble! Note to self: He needs size 3 reeds.

4. Tuesday night he had an Open House. There wasn’t as much ‘stuff’ to see in the rooms, so I was a little bit disappointed. But then there was a student/faculty basketball game and that was exciting to watch. I’m glad Zed and I were able to enjoy it together.

5. For the next two weekends Elle will have soccer and basketball, and Zed will have basketball still. Three games per weekend. I’m building up my cheer reserves.

6. I’ve decided what tattoo I’m going to get, and I’ve decided where I’m going to get it. Now I just have to get up the guts to go do it.

7. When I met Nick, he was solidly anti-tattoo and piercings. Now he’s shaved his head, gotten both ears pierced, and has four tattoos on his ‘list’ that he wants to get. I don’t like two of them and I’m trying to talk him out of getting them.

8. I’m a sloth. I haven’t been to the gym this week. Last night I was all set to go, and then I just had this huge wave of tiredness wash over me and I went home and took a nap instead.

9. Tuesday night Zed decided he had his first facial hair. He has dark toe hair, his legs are starting to look hairier, and a couple of weeks ago he announced that he has ‘hair down there’. And as much as I searched and squinted, I couldn’t make out the mystery ‘facial hair’. I’m not ready for this.

10. But I do hope he hits puberty soon. He really wants to play basketball next year at school, and he needs to grow and put on some muscle to do it. He’s still kind of soft and boy-ish. And the kids playing in the student/faculty game were decidedly not boyish.

11. Elle is growing up every day too. I can still carry her when she falls asleep, but she’s getting better at doing her own hair, and I really see her developing a ‘style’ of her own. I think she’s going to be kind of punk.

12. I’m doing better at getting more sleep. I was in bed last night by 10:30. I didn’t fall asleep till after 11, but I’m making an effort.

13. I had fun remembering and writing about my cars. Won’t you stay a bit longer and read about them and then remember yours?

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February 7, 2007

All My Cars

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I was just reading up over at Kill The Goat, and Jay was describing her car “troubles”, and it made me think of one of my old cars. And then I thought about all the cars I’ve driven. Actually not that many really. But a couple of them were doozies.

Car 1: Mom’s mini-van. Yes, the vehicle I drove during the majority of my ‘formative’ years of driving. When not using one of the driving school’s cars, I was in the mom-mobile. I even helped her drive it from Texas to Cape Cod the year I was 15. We surprised my great-grandmother on her 80th birthday. Note to self: Do not surprise 80 year old women. Fondest memory: On the way home after taking my driving test with the Texas DPS Officer, I had to slam on the brakes to avoid a red light runner (him not me). As I did, my dad’s handgun came sliding out from under the front seat. He always carried it on road trips, and we’d just returned from Thanksgiving in Houston. Would not have been good had that happened with the DPS Officer in the car.

Car 2: The Chevy Cavalier. I don’t even remember what year it was. Early 80’s most likely. My dad bought it from the impounded cars auto auction. He bought it for $300 and then sold a guy a pair of shoes for $2 that he found in the trunk. Grand total for the first Hottiemobile: $298. Grand total of repairs that dad poured into it over the next 10 months before it finally died it’s own slow, sputtering death: $$$$. Fondest memory: During heavy rains, I would have to lift my feet off the floorboard while going through puddles to avoid getting wet feet. Rust.

Car 3: Dad’s Mazda RX7. This wasn’t a bad deal at all. 5-speed manual Turbo engine. Candy apple red. I was hot stuff. It was ‘on loan’ to me because my dad had bought a truck exactly at the same time Car 2 died. But my mom didn’t want to ‘go out’ in a truck, so my parents still used the Mazda on dates. Fondest memory: My friend Reagan and I picked up quite a few guys while driving this car.

Car 4: 80’s something Honda Civic. My 2nd and last manual car. I actually like driving a manual transmission. Hmmm. Wonder why… This was the first car I bought with my own money. Cost about $1,500 if I recall. Money spent repairing this car: $$$$. At one point I killed it by forgetting to change the oil, oh, ever. Then the engine block siezed. A guy friend from high school repaired it for me with a rebuilt engine block. Fondest memory: I could only use the air conditioning while driving on the freeway. In traffic and city streets it would overheat. In Texas, this is not a good thing.

Car 5: Dad’s truck. The one he bought when I got to drive Car 3. He’d bought a Suburban at the same time Car 4 died. Convenient timing. My sister and I had to share possession of this vehicle, except I got dibs because I was going to school in Denton, and I had Zed by then. Fondest memory: Well, not so fond really. I got robbed at gunpoint shortly after getting out of the truck. Rock on.

Car 6: My first VW. I bought this one for $6000 using a tax refund check as my down payment. God Bless the Earned Income Credit. I actually really loved this car. It was a ’91 VW Jetta. It had some interesting quirks, such as you could listen to the radio while the car was all the way off. Fondest memory: When the heater core went out and I almost cried thinking about the money I didn’t have to get it fixed, then finding out it was under lifetime factory warranty and getting it fixed for less than $10.

Car 7: A Toyota Camry. My Ex talked me into leasing this car. I was happy with the car iteself. Rode very well and was very dependable. But I think it was cursed. I think I got into four total accidents in this car. Only one was my fault though, and that was at a really bad intersection on a rainy night. Fondest memory: Turning it back into the lease company.

Car 8: My current car. Another VW Jetta. I had this car delivered to me, sight unseen, by the lease company. I didn’t want to lease again, but the Ex wouldn’t fork over any extra cash to buy one outright. He was convinced leasing was the cheapest way to go and he liked the idea of it. I should have known better when he decided against leasing both his trucks that he drove when we were married.  Fondest memory: Driving to El Paso with Nick. We had a cooler and picnic basket in the back, and made good time. I’ll be even more excited though when I can turn this one in in the next few months.

Car 9: TBD. I’d like a mid-sized SUV that gets good mileage and has good leg room. We’ll have to see how the numbers work out when I turn in the Jetta. I may end up having to lease again.

What was your favorite car that you’ve ever driven? Fondest car memory?

February 6, 2007

Giggles and Pillowfights

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So there was laughter, not really giggles. It’s not really giggling when you get tears in your eyes and you feel like you’re going to wet your pants. And there were no pillowfights. Even though we had two adjoining rooms with giant bolsters on the beds. We could have totally had some kind of war with those. But we were dignified.

I must give props to Embassy Suites. They have a ‘manager hosted’ happy hour from 5:30-7:30. I was thinking cheap drinks. No. They were free drinks. Can you say woo-hoo? Judy brought snacks. Yummy snacks. Spinach, artichoke & asparagus dip is good. Then, after happy hour was over we got 2 pizzas included with the room package. AND breakfast the next morning wasn’t make-your-own-waffles and cold cereal. They have a made-to-order breakfast bar with pancakes and omeletes and sausage and good hashbrowns and all. I was very impressed. For the price it was better than most places I think. Costs a little more but you get more.

After a bit, Amy decided she wanted to go out and pick up a cute boy, and Judy and I decided we were going to help her. So, we drove up to the Flying Saucer, got a couple of beers, and listened to a band called The Killdares. They were really really friggen good. I’d like to go see them again. We actually pretty quickly found a cute boy for Amy. He let us sit at his table and he found us chairs, and he was very nice. I hope he calls her because he seemed very gentlemanly. I’m going to leave out the part about the cops, the wine, the valet parking and the ice in the parking lot.

The next morning it took two bottles of water before I felt good enough to go down to breakfast. I’m not too old yet. 😉 This was a much needed fun night. I hadn’t let off a little steam with the girls since we went down to Wimberley, so this was good. Girlfriends are the best!

February 5, 2007

The Day After

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I heard on the news that some guy is lobbying to have the Superbowl declared a national holiday and the Monday after be a ‘day off’. I kind of like that idea. For a few brief moments last night I was really worried for the Colts, but they turned it around and won. You know, just in case you didn’t already know that. ‘Cause maybe you were under a rock or something. 🙂

It’s Monday night. It’s Heroes night. Tonight we meet the Cheerleader’s dad! And last week they set up Sylar to escape. Catch up on episodes if you’re behind!

If I could just pick up my house and rip out all my plumbing and make it all new and right I totally would. And then I wouldn’t be waiting on Mr. Roto Rooter.

And is it just cold everywhere? It seems like it. I was watching the Today show this morning. A guy was reporting from Chicago where it’s -9F. Back in the summer he was reporting on a day when it was 100F. That’s quite a range. Stay warm no matter where you are!

February 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, ed. xxiii

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Thirteen Thoughts from InterstellarLass

1. I’m starting to feel like a Superbowl. XXIII. The 49’ers won that year I think.

2. I think I must have a funky shaped-head or something. Goody has these things called ‘Stay Put’ bands. They’re supposed to be great for working out and ‘will stay secure no matter what you do’. I bought the Flat Headbands, and I put them on, and then they zing right off the back of my head. I also tried a Striped Silk Headband that has an elastic connector around the bottom. Also won’t stay on my head. Is there a trick to it? Am I doing something wrong? Am I deformed?

3. I’m having a bad hair day. I worked out last night, then went home and showered and dried my hair before Nick and I went to dinner. Usually my hair would look fine the next day with a little brushing and a little leave-in conditioner. Not today.

4. Scenario: A Woman has a meeting with a Person about an opportunity. Woman leaves with very positive feeling. Later, after shower and dinner, Woman and Husband go to book store to read and knit. While looking for good spot to sit, Woman encounters Person she met with earlier in the day. Woman has on no makeup, bad hairdo, slouchy clothes and a huge zit on her chin. Woman introduces Person to Husband. Person informs Woman everything is moving forward in regards to opportunity. Woman is happy yet mortified at appearance. Awkwardness ensues.

5. I also think I’m dehydrated. I’m working on a 24oz bottle of Ozarka right now to hopefully rememdy that issue.

6. Last night I started knitting again. The Cigar gloves I’m working on for Nick. I have projects I need to get d.o.n.e.

7. My mom also wants another pair of the Fetching gloves I made her for Christmas. The first pair were in chocolate brown. She wants a pair in black. And my sister wants a pair in blue.

8. I also have the yarn for this bolero for myself. And the Mabel dress for a friend’s baby. That book has so many lovely things to knit for babies. Anyone have an extra pair of hands I can borrow?

9. Zed got all his progress reports home this week. He’s doing very well. All A’s!

10. Elle is doing well also. Our school doesn’t give ‘grades’ for kids until they’re in 3rd grade, but she’s doing much better now with her glasses. Her reading and writing test scores have improved dramatically, and her math scores have come up too. She is in math tutoring to boost her scores some more. I’m very proud of how hard she’s working.

11. I learned of Elle’s progress from a parent/teacher conference I had two weeks ago with her teacher. I attend all requested conferences, and have requested several extra conferences for both of my kids. But I think this is just dumb. A bill is before the Texas congress to fine parents that do not attend parent/teacher conferences. Don’t get me wrong. I think parents should take an active stance in their child’s education. And it’s awful that people pass their kids off to the school and expect the school to do all the work. But I don’t think a Class C misdemenor and a $500 fine is in order. Making a parent a criminal is going to increase their involvment in their child’s schooling? I think not. This solution is impractical from an administrative standpoint and puts an even larger burden on courts, teachers, schools, and state financing. Back to the drawing board.

12. Tomorrow night my friends and I are having a ‘slumber party’ for two of my friends’ birtdays. Yes. A slumber party. Nick raised his eyebrows when I informed him. Go ahead guys. Imagine it. Girls in skimpy pajamas, having pillowfights, giggling and jumping on the bed. *BOOM* That was reality smacking you upside the head. Sorry, doesn’t happen. We’ll go to a happy hour, hang out in the hot tub, watch chick-flicks and snack ourselves silly.

13. Happiness is a pulled pork sandwich and bbq sauce with a side of really good potato salad. Don’t you think?

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