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March 5, 2007

Hum Drum Ho Hum

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With basketball over, there aren’t any sports scheduled for another two weeks. And then, the kids will be on vacation with their dad, so it will be three weeks before another game. Nothing has really kicked off at work yet…so I’m just hanging out and watching Heroes.

Over the weekend, in addition to all the basketball excitement, Nick took me shopping. It’d been a while since I’ve bought any new clothes, and he’s really good at picking things out for me. And carrying things until I’m ready to try them on. And I did find some very cute outfits. And had to stand in a really, really long line. Because the computer systems were down. I promise we stood in line over 30 minutes to check out. That part sucked.

Yesterday we also went to check out my eventual new offices. The supposed move date was April. After seeing the building, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be April. We also saw a couple of open house signs. Stopped to take a look at one, and it was very nice. Quite a bit out of our budget range for now, but it was kind of fun to look through!

Anything exciting going on for you? Come on…there has to be something exciting…

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