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March 12, 2007

New Ride

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Goodbye Jetta. I liked you at first. But lately you’d been getting on my nerves. A little hiccup there. A check engine light there. And your constant bulb outages. If I didn’t know better I would have thought you a dimwit. Your road noise and squeaky seat are now gone. Sitting in the dealer lot, waiting for a wash and a rinse and maybe, if you’re lucky, a vacuum job. I would have done it myself, but it was rather sudden that I said goodbye to you today.

And who will take your place? Her name is Pacifica. And she comes from the land of Chrysler. From the clan of Touring. When I first heard of your low mileage, I was intrigued. But I’ve never laid eyes on a white car that I liked. Yet she changed my mind with her wily ways. Oh Pacifica! It’s probably your coal-grey insides that make up for your lack of outer color. The faux wood-grain along the crest of your dash makes you seem warm and polished. Your power seats move me up, down, forward and back, and you even support my lumbar region with care. Dual climate controls will make everyone happy this summer. And the first and second row captains chairs give everyone the space they have so long desired. The third row bench won’t be used much, and will probably stay down to allow for ample cargo space, as you prepare take us on journeys yet to be seen. Your quiet engine hum and quiet, smooth ride are almost like a lullaby. It’s a good thing your sound system is there to keep me awake and entertained!

Welcome my dear. Welcome. Nick will be clearing extra space in the garage for you later this weekend. 🙂


This is her twin sister in front of my Italian Villa in Tuscany. OK, not really. I’m just high from all the excitement.

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