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March 15, 2007


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Just when I think I’m going to get to relax and fill in my flower beds, the weekend has to come and mess it all up. I’ve only known for just a little over a week that the kids would be at SeaWorld this weekend. I thought, “Wow, a Friday night too tacked on to the regular weekend? What fun!”

Now Friday night is just in preparation for Saturday. There’s breakfast at 9:30 am with some friends, followed by the viewing of a St. Patty’s day parade (don’t forget to wear green or you’ll get a pinch on the ass from me!). Then one of Nick’s friends is having a book signing at a local mall. We have to go to support him, and buy a book and get it autographed for Nick’s brother. Then at 4 PM, I’m having the first meeting of my new knitting group. I’m expecting between 10 and 25 people to show up. Yikes! As social as I may seem, I absolutely tremble at meeting new people and having to make some kind of conversation. Then, Saturday night I have to run by the gym and drop off the score book to Zed’s basketball coach…I still have it from the last playoff game. \

Sunday was going to be a day of rest. Until I heard a commercial on the radio. Seems the Comic Con is going to be in Richardson this weekend. Peter Mayhew…come on…you all know who he is!…is scheduled to be there. I hope to get his autograph. And Chekov from Star Trek. And Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters will be there! Among others. But those are the ones I hope to see. Nick is all hot and bothered over a couple of authors that will be there…but if they don’t fall into the genre of ‘classic literature’ then I’m not likely to know them.

And I do hope to get a little planting in, because *gasp* I have tulips and…some other flowers! I planted a bunch of mixed bulbs, and the irises are about the only other thing I recognize. But there are a few things that didn’t quite grow in, so I need to go to the plant store and get some ‘filler’.

Geez…I’m already tired. Can’t I just skip the weekend?

How you know you have too much time on your hands

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This guy memorized pi to over 12,000 places. My brain would be mush if I tried to memorize to 10 places. I used to think I was semi-intelligent…now I’m not so sure!

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