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March 25, 2007

Basketball, Soccer and Running, Oh my!

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Zed’s basketball coach is out of town. We need him back. Desperately. I ran practice on Thursday. I was a little unsure at first, but then a couple of ideas came to me, had them do some different drills. Some worked better than others. But the game. Ugh. It was our worst defeat ever. So bad that they had to clear the score during the 4th quarter. Ugly. We need the coach back.

Elle’s soccer game was rescheduled. I’m jonesing for soccer. I haven’t seen a game in 4 weeks. So we went to a skills session at the elite soccer club that’s local here. It was worth the $10 I think. They had some good drills. Except Elle went a little haywire during a mini-scrimmage. My sweet baby actually got very frustrated with one girl, grabbed her shirt, and spun her down to the ground. *pause for dramatic effect* I wanted to fall through the ground and disappear. Where the hell did that come from!?! She has never done anything like that before. She was also yelling at a couple of other girls she knew there. She’s never done that during a game or practice or anything either. We had a little talk. That kind of stuff had better not happen again.

I’m getting off my lazy butt and refocusing myself again. How I got off-focus I don’t know, but I’ve strayed from my routine where I was doing so well and taking care of myself. So, I’ve created a new blog to journal my running and my preparation for NYC later this year. I hope you’ll check in there from time to time and keep me honest. I remember how helpful it was for me to have you all cheering for me the last time around.

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