Interstellar Adventures

March 27, 2007

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

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Lewis is gone. Martin croaked a while back. Dean and Jerry have been gone for some time. They didn’t last too long. Poor things. We’re back down to just two pets…and Wrigley & Tori keep us busy enough. I don’t think we’ll have any more fish for a while. I don’t really have a good record with them. Bone is really good with Pablo though it seems. Maybe I should have asked him his secret.

My bum hurts from my workout last night. I love the elliptical machine. It’s my favorite. But why the odd (even) number of minutes you might ask? See, first I selected one of the programs, then realized that it was only going to last 33 minutes. But Dancing with the Stars was on, and I wanted to finish watching that at the gym. So I manually added on minutes after the first program was over. But then, I realized Dancing with the Stars was going to be on for two hours. I didn’t have that kind of stamina in me, and I was hungry. (I can’t eat before I work out or I will throw up…have to have at least an hour, preferably two between food and exercise.) So I called to verify that Nick was recording the show and then bailed when my 35 minute session was done.

I think Clyde Drexler did a really good job last night. I loved that he came out on the floor and opened his arms wide…the judges (and mine) chief complaint last week was that he was too closed in with his arms. I really liked Laila’s mambo this week, but her foxtrot last week was highly overrated. I love Joey Fatone. And I wasn’t even a boy-band fan. I also hope that John Ratzenberger sticks around for awhile. His personality is so fun, and you can tell he’s really just enjoying himself.

What are you watching right now? Heroes is on hiatus for a couple more weeks…I’m dyin’ here!

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