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April 30, 2007

Send Prayers

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I got a call from my mom tonight. In two weeks, we’re going to Missouri for a send off. My cousin is going to Iraq. We’ve known it was a possibility for some time. He joined the Marines two years ago. Between boot camp and additional training classes, we’ve known for some time that it was pretty much any day now when he’d be deployed.

He’s my aunt’s only child. She was a single mom from the time he was a baby until he was 12. She sacrificed a lot for him, making ends meet, just barely. He is her world.

I know that families sacrifice the same every day – sending sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers. You know it’s hard. But you don’t know just how hard until it hits home. I’m scared for him and my aunt, for my family.

April 27, 2007


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Wednesday Nick decided to test my nerves. I was on a conference call at work. During the day, he and I IM each other. So when his cell number started calling my desk phone, I got a little concerned. But I couldn’t answer. Then my cell phone rang. This must be serious. I muted my desk phone and answered “I’m on a conference call…what’s up.”

Except Nick wasn’t on the other line. It was his boss. Nick had fainted at work. Tuesday he had gone home early, feeling faint and, as he put it, logy. Doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with him. But Wednesday he was back at it again.

I got a co-worker to finish up the conference call, and as soon as my laptop would shut down, I was out the door. I may have left a path of destruction in my wake as I drove down the tollway. Soccer moms everywhere were afraid.

When I got to his work, Nick was sitting up in his chair, looking dazed and confused. His boss came in with a miniature sized wheelchair. I looked at it and laughed. “Elle wouldn’t fit in that thing.” I said. So, his boss helped me walk Nick down to the car.

In the car, I called the doctor’s office. They directed us to the emergency room. So we went, and we got in quick. EKG, CAT scan, blood work…the whole nine yards. And everything by dehydration was ruled out. Nick is also hypoglycemic, so he may have had a low blood sugar episode. Plus he’d taken some herbals the day before, which may have been one of the things that made him feel bad the day before. Maybe it was residuals of that. Whatever it was, after the administration of a saline IV to rehydrate him, we were on our way.

Yesterday he was off work on doctor’s orders and felt well enough to stink up the house with a cigar. He tried to cover it up with smelly candles and some cinnamon spray, but I could tell. Since he felt well enough to partake, I didn’t feel bad for chastizing him. Yep, seems he’ll be fine.

For news about me, check over here.

April 24, 2007


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Elle’s soccer game on Saturday was a tough one. One of our girls scored in the first quarter, and then our defense held through the game to give us a 1-0 victory. And although we won, I was upset when I overheard parents on the other team discussing the ‘ringers’ on their team. Evidently a few of their regular girls couldn’t make the game, so their coach called over to the local soccer club and got some more. I can’t believe that at this age level, when stats don’t matter and there are no playoffs, that a coach would do that. But, it felt good that our ‘rec league’ girls really put it to this other team.

Sunday, Elle and I had more fun with soccer and went to the FC Dallas game with her team. The girls got to go down on the field again and got to line up outside the player tunnel. They were even briefly up on the big screen. The home team won 3-1 and there were some exciting set ups and shots on goal. Watching these guys and their footwork is just amazing.

Tonight is supposed to be Elle’s last soccer game of the season. It’s also supposed to thunderstorm and be severe weather tonight. This is the soccer season that will just not end. Our first game was back on Feb 10. Reschedules, rainouts and spring break have made this season excruciatingly long.

Other events this weekend:
Zed went to Six Flags and lost his wallet. It was found, but I don’t know if we’ll get it back unless they’ll mail it. We’re not driving out there to get $13 from a $10 wallet.

Elle went to my knitting group with me. She was very good for two hours, alternating between playing her Gameboy and learning to knit.

Went to dinner with my family for my brother and niece’s birthdays. Father and daughter have birthdays 2 days apart.

Didn’t get anything on my ‘list’ accomplished. What else is new?

April 19, 2007

Not Your Miss America’s Finalist Questions

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World Peace. What? That’s not the answer. OK, so here’s some questions from TSM.

1. What is the most unusual furry creature you’ve plowed down with that lead foot of yours?

Well, birds aren’t furry, but that’s the only animal I’ve ever killed with my vehicle. One bird, obviously the slow one of the group, took off late from the side of the freeway. As I drove by, he bounced off the upper right corner of my windscreen. Then, another, obviously distraught pidgeon, committed suicide under my car. He stood in the middle of the road and wouldn’t fly away. Perhaps he was drunk and playing chicken. But he didn’t attempt to lift off until my car was directly overhead, so I heard him bounce off the bottom of my car.
2. Regarding sports: What is your favorite, and are you more of a “at the game” or “watch the game on the tube” kind of gal?

Hmmm. Favorite sport. I would have to say my favorite is basketball. I 100% prefer to be at the game. It’s very rare that I will watch a game on TV. When it comes to TV, I will more likely watch (this is horribly embarassing) figure skating. I also get very excited when swimming competitions are broadcast on ESPN. And the one sport that I will absolutely never turn away from on TV are the logger competitions. Chopping, sawing, pole climbing. It’s very exciting! And the men are very manly.
3. If you could pick a profession for your kids without their input (and have them be ridiculously successful at it), what would you choose?

I of course want my kids to fulfill their dreams, so I wouldn’t pick something that they’ve never mentioned. If we’re shooting for the stars here, Zed would be a professional basketball player (though not for the Lakers, Heat, or Spurs – I don’t like those teams). Elle would also play soccer for the US Women’s team. They would both go to the Olympics and win gold medals.

If not sports, the Zed would be an astronaut or aeronautical engineer of some kind. Elle would be a pediatrician. She is loving and kind and I think that would be a good profession for her.
4. Tattoos: Taboo or Tell Me Where I Should Get My Next One?

Oh absolutely. I think tattoos can be beautiful. (Although I have seen some very tacky tats.) I would love for Ami James
(HOT!) to tattoo me with a full back piece. Something spiritual and artistic. I love the symbology of Eastern religions, Hindu goddesses in particular. And Nick would be tattooed by Kat Von D. According to him she’s ‘not ugly’. Yeah, she’s totally in his wheelhouse.
and finally,
5. What is your guilty pleasure?

Hmmm. This one is tough. I don’t feel guilty about that many things. Chocolate, martinis, marital relations…take pleasure in them all, but feel no guilt. Maybe the one thing I feel guilty over is appreciating good looking men that aren’t my husband. And I agree, Kat Von D is ‘not ugly’. Everybody looks, but no one admits it. People have their ‘list’ of dream guys/gals. Mine just happens to be a little long. (I’m now waiting for Nick’s IM…”Oh really? And who’s is on this long list…” Love ya baby. I wouldn’t trade you for anyone. You’re #1 on my list.)

If you’re participating in this meme already, let me know so I can drop by and request more interview questions. Otherwise, here are the directions…

1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Happy Interview-ee-ing!!

April 18, 2007

Mighty Huntresses

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“Mom!  Oh my god! Come here!” Zed yelled at me this morning.

I dashed from the bathroom, right eye half eyelined. All in a panic, I’m thinking What!? What!? As I approached, he yelled “There’s a dead something on the patio.”

“Lovely” I think. I’m almost afraid to look.

It was a ‘possum. And it wasn’t ‘playing possum’. It’s intestines peeking from it’s missing gut made that clear. And dammit, Nick had already left for work.

So, I gathered up my gumption, cursing and waving my hands at the dogs to move away from their special gift. Zed got a plastic bag and I grabbed the pooper scooper. It would double as a corpse grabber this morning.

Zed was laughing and grossing out. Tween curiosity and morbidity overtook him. He couldn’t wait to tell his friends. Elle just had a look of disgust on her face. “Gross” was all she would say, watching from the inside.

Nick is always complaining that the dogs don’t chase birds, squirrels or any other invaders to the yard. Finally, they took some action.

I certainly won’t let them be giving me doggy kisses anytime soon.

Ms. TSM has sent me some interview questions that I’ll have up soon. In the mean time, find out more about her.

P.S. Happy Birthday to my niece today…she’s 4.

April 16, 2007

Was it Saturday? Or no? Sunday? What day is it?

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We survived Friday night. Elle and I made it to the train station on time, met up with our traveling partners and made it to the AAC just in time. It was actually very scary. Once we turned from downtown, we could see the storm approaching fast. Deboarding the train, there was lightning all around. The security personnel at the AAC instructed is to not stop to scan tickets or go through security…JUST GET INSIDE. We later found out they evacuated over 3,000 people out of the Dallas Convention Center and down to the underground parking garage (just a mile away) when the tornado sirens went off. That must have been when they told us to get in our seats and not move. And when you’re in the 3rd tier nosebleeds, the thought of a tornado shearing the roof off just a few hundred feet from your head is not a pleasant scenario. I told Elle that if I pulled her down under me, not to freak out. And was trying my hardest not to panic myself.

Saturday, after cancelling soccer pictures because of extremely cold morning temps, and only 5 of 12 team members, we proceeded to a 2-1 victory over one of our more closely matched soccer rivals. The fields were muddy and slippery and are now completely torn up.

Then, with the kids off with their dad, Nick and I drove to Irving (~45 minutes) to Nick’s cousins house. For a late-Easter lunch. We arrived at the house, and didn’t notice any cars parked outside. I suddenly became very suspicious that something was amiss. After all, we were fashionably 20 minutes late already. Everyone else should be there. We circled the cul-de-sac and then came back. Ah, there was Auntie’s truck. And there was her husband, supervising Nick’s cousin cleaning the table and chairs. When I touched him on the shoulder, he turned around, looked at me, and asked “Why are you here? We’re not eating until tomorrow?” I turned around, and looked at Nick, giving him long look with eyebrow raised. “Um. Sorry?” was his response with shoulders shrugged. Last time he gets to contribute to the schedule without me confirming details. 😉 At least he was a day early and not a day late.

Saturday night we went over to a couple-friend’s house. A few other people were there and we had some rockin’ sangria and fajitas. I plan on getting the sangria recipe and sharing it at some point. It was delicious.

Sunday we trekked out to Irving again. This time people and food were there! Joy! We played Easter Bingo, and I won a kitchy lamb statuette and a pair of cat and dog bobble animals. They were cute. Nick had his low-rider toy car stolen (complete with the Low Rider tune and multi-cultural gangstas) at the last moment. He ended up with some Art Deco bunny that he later donated to one of his nieces as a self-defense object. Super exciting trips to Target and Kroger followed, and we closed out the weekend watching The Sopranos. So far this season, EVERYONE is pissing Tony off.

Oh, and my Kroger Fuel Center? It’ll be open next week. *Does happy dance* 10 cents off per gallon bay-bee!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

April 13, 2007


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There are more thunderstorms forecast for our area today. Possible tornadoes, golf ball-sized hail, and strong, damaging winds up to 70 mph. Hold on to your hats ladies and gents. And watch out for witchy old ladies on bikes riding past your window.

I turned around on my way to work today to go back home and bring Wrigley & Tori inside. I didn’t know the storms were going to start so early. I think they were glad. Pray for my tree. That it continues to stand. And doesn’t come crashing down on my house. I need to find a chain saw.

Tonight Elle and I are supposed to go to the Mavericks game and ride the train down with her team. I hope the weather’s not so bad that we can’t go. I haven’t got to go to a game all season, and I most certainly won’t get playoff tickets. Yeah, Mavs are in the playoffs. They have home court advantage all the way through. Go Mavs! Go Dirk! We want a trophy!

I finished my first week of running 101 too. I’m feeling better already!

April 12, 2007

I must need to adjust my karma

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The last two days have been the kind that make you want to just go back home, get in bed, and pull the covers over your eyes.

The first mistake I made yesterday was getting on the scale. Grumble, grumble. Then it expanded to realizing that I didn’t have my bank card. And then I was late for a meeting at work. And then I had to wait over 10 minutes at the bank to cash a check. And then I had to go all the way around the block, because the one back exit to the bank was blocked off for construction. And then I had a meeting, where no one showed up for the first 10 minutes, and then the one person that really needed to be there was 40 minutes late.

Today, again, my bank card was in someone else’s wallet. He shall remain nameless, but I think you can all guess who. And he didn’t make coffee this morning, so while sitting in line at Starbucks, I discovered the moths in my wallet where money and bank cards used to be. And then I was behind every slow grandma on the freeway. There was a bright spot when I cashed the check, but in the Starbucks parking lot by work I got cut off by an H2, a Toyota, and a Ford. Dude in the Toyota didn’t even look when he backed up, and the guy in the Ford whipped in from the other entrance and flew into a parking spot, making me slam on my brakes.

I sure wish I knew what was going on. But it feels like forces are conspiring against me for the moment. I swear I haven’t done anything bad lately. Even last night I helped an old lady with her knitting at the knit group meeting. She’d dropped a stitch two rows down, and I fixed it for her because she couldn’t see it. Maybe it’s because I got grumpy with my mom last night. She and my grandfather were trying to get pictures off a CD on his computer, and they called ‘tech support’ (me). The blind leading the blind. He swore it was in the right drive, but when you click on your CD drive, and it says insert disk, you either a) have the disk in upside down or b) you have the disk in the DVD drive and it won’t work. Swearing in my general direction (my crotchety old grandpa, not my mom) and telling me you’ve got it right doesn’t help.

I need a day off.

April 10, 2007

You are an obsession

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You are an obsession, You’re my obsession…

Mr. Sparky Duck tagged me for a little quiz. Fortunately I don’t seem to have the same obsession issues he does with boobs and sports, so I’m able to respond poste haste. Here they are, in no order of importance…my obsessions…

1. Counting. I count things. I have a counting habit. When I swim, when I run, when I’m doing anything that has to do with passing the time and concentrating on keeping up with where I’m at. And for someone that’s not very good with math, I do math in my head to figure out how much time is left, or how many laps are left, or whatever. It could be that I’m so bad at math, that I figure in my head, because by the time I get the answer right, I’ll be done with whatever I’m doing.

2. Learning. I’m very inquisitive and I always want to know: Why? I’m the little kid that never grew out of asking: Why? And really about people. I love watching a movie and then going and reading anything I can find on a person. Case in point: Watched Marie Antoinette Saturday night and I then spent a couple of hours yesterday reading about her and her family. Same with Cary Grant last weekend.

3. Perfection. I want to make things so perfect that I try too hard to do too much, and can never achieve what I set out to do. I know perfection doesn’t exist. Doesn’t keep me from trying though. Which also makes me insane, using the definition of insanity that it is doing something over and over again, expecting a different result. Go me.

4. Money. One of the things I wish I didn’t obsess over. But it’s not because I’m greedy or want more (well, I mean, who doesn’t want more, really). No, rather because there never seems to be enough. Everyone wants more, and so they seem to get mine. So, I’m constantly reprioritizing.

5. Martinis. I love martinis. They are delicious. Cosmos. Lemon drops. Pomegranate. Key Lime. Chocolate. The list goes on. Mmmm. Give me a martini and I’m a happy gal.

So there you are. My obsessions. And I haven’t tagged anyone with a meme in quite some time. I think I will do so today. So, eeny meeeny miney mo…I tag…

Writer Chick

April 8, 2007

Lucky Me

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I’m such a proud momma. I have to brag on my kids, because that’s how great they are. Friday, they helped Nick and were so very good, and for Nick to bestow high praise, they must have been fantastic. Saturday I braved an April snowstorm and watched Elle’s soccer game. Her team won 1-0 despite the cold. And, Zed was ever so patient Saturday. One of Nick’s friends came over and helped with our bathroom project (yes…still going on that one), and his kids came over too. It fell to Zach to help entertain them while I went and got my hair done. He’s growing up so much.

Today we had brunch with my family, and the kids again behaved so well. They really are growing up. Then I decided I wanted to take some pictures of them, and so we went to a park. This is the best of the both of them I think.

It was of course difficult for Zed to smile. I think that happens to most boys age 11. Elle kept wanting to run in her dress shoes over the rocks and dirt, and kept having to stop to hitch up her tights. Aren’t they just the sweetest though? I’m so damn lucky.


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