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April 3, 2007

Culinary Delights

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So maybe I am a snob. In this case, I don’t really care what implications that may have. I just know that I don’t like to eat food out of a box if at all possible. My great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother have all influenced to think that if you have the time, make it right. And in most cases, that means from scratch. We don’t use Bisquik for our pancakes or biscuits! (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…) 

Of course there are exceptions. While I can make a damn good cake from scratch, time usually dictates that I use a box cake mix. I’m still working on my pie crusts (my mom won’t tell me her secret), and so in an emergency situation, I’ve purchased frozen pie crusts. I’m not experienced with bread, so those little crescent rolls are a lifesaver, and Elle loves to help roll them up, plus it’s fun to make the can pop.

But when it comes to my meals, I like to use fresh ingredients. I’ve never found a dinner from a box that had a natural flavor I could identify, and they are so salty they make my fingers swell. And so, last week, when I hurt my foot, and it was raining and we had to stop by the store to get food for dinner, my dear, sweet, darling Nick went in to forage.

And he came out with Tuna Helper, canned ravioli, and boxes of macaroni and cheese. Just thinking of it now makes me ill. Canned ravioli! I didn’t even like Chef Boyardee when I was a kid. Kraft macaroni and cheese I can deal with on occasion, but I don’t think he got the Kraft brand. I know, I know, store brand is supposed to be the same…but it’s worse. And Tuna Helper? Macaroni and cheese with tuna? I bust out with this for dinner last Tuesday and he comes out with canned ravioli and Tuna Helper?*

Is this a defective gene men have? Maybe a throwback to his bachelor days? You know, back when Top Ramen was a delicacy? And is it all related to the problem they have with matching socks? What? They’re both white…never mind that one has a gold toe and heel and the other has green stitching and is a tube sock.

*I am not an ungrateful wench. I’m just a picky eater that’s just a little more than grossed out by most foods from a box. I do appreciate my husband and his efforts, and the kids loved the canned ravioli. I had to look away while they ate it though.

What is the one thing you absolutely will not eat? Do you have a love for all foods boxed? What’s the secret to making them edible?

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