Interstellar Adventures

April 4, 2007

Major Dilemma

Filed under: It's Me, Lass — by InterstellarLass @ 6:19 am

Help! I need advice stat. I hate quandries, and unexpectedly I’ve found myself in one.

Hypothetically, if you received an email from someone you used to work with, and they are inquiring about a position where you currently work, but a) you didn’t particularly like this person personally, b) professionally their work was fine, but c) there were issues with professional/interpersonal demeanor, which you both observed and heard from more than one person, including the director of your previous organization, what the hell do you do? Do you politely decline to them to put their resume forward? Do you put their resume forward but give a lukewarm recommendation? Do you tell them you put their resume forward but not? Help! Advice needed…

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