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April 8, 2007

Lucky Me

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I’m such a proud momma. I have to brag on my kids, because that’s how great they are. Friday, they helped Nick and were so very good, and for Nick to bestow high praise, they must have been fantastic. Saturday I braved an April snowstorm and watched Elle’s soccer game. Her team won 1-0 despite the cold. And, Zed was ever so patient Saturday. One of Nick’s friends came over and helped with our bathroom project (yes…still going on that one), and his kids came over too. It fell to Zach to help entertain them while I went and got my hair done. He’s growing up so much.

Today we had brunch with my family, and the kids again behaved so well. They really are growing up. Then I decided I wanted to take some pictures of them, and so we went to a park. This is the best of the both of them I think.

It was of course difficult for Zed to smile. I think that happens to most boys age 11. Elle kept wanting to run in her dress shoes over the rocks and dirt, and kept having to stop to hitch up her tights. Aren’t they just the sweetest though? I’m so damn lucky.


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