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April 24, 2007


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Elle’s soccer game on Saturday was a tough one. One of our girls scored in the first quarter, and then our defense held through the game to give us a 1-0 victory. And although we won, I was upset when I overheard parents on the other team discussing the ‘ringers’ on their team. Evidently a few of their regular girls couldn’t make the game, so their coach called over to the local soccer club and got some more. I can’t believe that at this age level, when stats don’t matter and there are no playoffs, that a coach would do that. But, it felt good that our ‘rec league’ girls really put it to this other team.

Sunday, Elle and I had more fun with soccer and went to the FC Dallas game with her team. The girls got to go down on the field again and got to line up outside the player tunnel. They were even briefly up on the big screen. The home team won 3-1 and there were some exciting set ups and shots on goal. Watching these guys and their footwork is just amazing.

Tonight is supposed to be Elle’s last soccer game of the season. It’s also supposed to thunderstorm and be severe weather tonight. This is the soccer season that will just not end. Our first game was back on Feb 10. Reschedules, rainouts and spring break have made this season excruciatingly long.

Other events this weekend:
Zed went to Six Flags and lost his wallet. It was found, but I don’t know if we’ll get it back unless they’ll mail it. We’re not driving out there to get $13 from a $10 wallet.

Elle went to my knitting group with me. She was very good for two hours, alternating between playing her Gameboy and learning to knit.

Went to dinner with my family for my brother and niece’s birthdays. Father and daughter have birthdays 2 days apart.

Didn’t get anything on my ‘list’ accomplished. What else is new?

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