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April 27, 2007


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Wednesday Nick decided to test my nerves. I was on a conference call at work. During the day, he and I IM each other. So when his cell number started calling my desk phone, I got a little concerned. But I couldn’t answer. Then my cell phone rang. This must be serious. I muted my desk phone and answered “I’m on a conference call…what’s up.”

Except Nick wasn’t on the other line. It was his boss. Nick had fainted at work. Tuesday he had gone home early, feeling faint and, as he put it, logy. Doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with him. But Wednesday he was back at it again.

I got a co-worker to finish up the conference call, and as soon as my laptop would shut down, I was out the door. I may have left a path of destruction in my wake as I drove down the tollway. Soccer moms everywhere were afraid.

When I got to his work, Nick was sitting up in his chair, looking dazed and confused. His boss came in with a miniature sized wheelchair. I looked at it and laughed. “Elle wouldn’t fit in that thing.” I said. So, his boss helped me walk Nick down to the car.

In the car, I called the doctor’s office. They directed us to the emergency room. So we went, and we got in quick. EKG, CAT scan, blood work…the whole nine yards. And everything by dehydration was ruled out. Nick is also hypoglycemic, so he may have had a low blood sugar episode. Plus he’d taken some herbals the day before, which may have been one of the things that made him feel bad the day before. Maybe it was residuals of that. Whatever it was, after the administration of a saline IV to rehydrate him, we were on our way.

Yesterday he was off work on doctor’s orders and felt well enough to stink up the house with a cigar. He tried to cover it up with smelly candles and some cinnamon spray, but I could tell. Since he felt well enough to partake, I didn’t feel bad for chastizing him. Yep, seems he’ll be fine.

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