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April 6, 2007


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You’ll all be glad to know that Zed was on the Grateful train yesterday. He didn’t complain about me asking him to water my plants (I forgot, which is why my thumb is brown), didn’t complain about me having him fold his clothes, was grateful he got to go to basketball practice, and was grateful many times over that he got to go to the Desperado’s game last night.

He must have thanked me 10 times for taking them, and also thanked my friend Judy for getting the tickets. He watched the game pretty well, and kept an eye on the dancers too. The game had a dramatic ending, with the Desperado’s scoring a 3-point field goal with 3.3 seconds remaining in the game to pull ahead 53-51 for a win. It was pretty amazing actually, as they were down 37-14 at the half. But, in the 3rd quarter they held the opposing team scoreless, and enabled the dramatic comeback.

Elle was grateful to, but not as overt about it. She wore herself out at her brother’s practice, running around and playing. By halftime she was ready to go home, and when we couldn’t find the cotton candy vendor, she about lost it. I don’t think we saw one the whole time we were there, although we saw plenty of other people around us with cotton candy. I think they must have gone down to the first level to find it. A second helping of peanuts brought her back though, and the night was saved.

It was a late night though. We didn’t get home until almost 11. Nick was out late too, hanging out late into the night with his writing pals at Denny’s. It’s good for him though, so I don’t mind.

This weekend will be busy. Soccer games, hair appointments, bathroom drywall installation, a trip to the city dump, maybe some egg dyeing, Easter brunch with the family. It should be a blast! Have a great Easter ya’ll.

To the hag in the lane-switching, brake-slamming Acura on the Tollway last night: Nice. Real nice. Karma will get you. Just remember that.

To the speeding jerk-off crotch-rocket riders on 75 last night: I won’t feel one bit of pity for you if you have an accident. And if you cause someone else to have an accident like you almost did me, remember what I told the hag: Karma will get you.

April 5, 2007

Gettin’ my Knit On

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Lass-y be knittin’ it now
Lass-y be knittin’ it now

Lass-y be knittin’ it now
I knit the hottest round
I told my mother-uhh
Y’all can’t stop me now
Watch me knit it now
I’m knittin’ twenty rounds
and if you want my FIBERS
then get on the list now (YES)
Is you with me now (YES)
then purly purly bounce (YES)
I know you dig the way I ri-ri-rib my style
(HOLLA!!) People stitch a round (YES)
Now people sitch a round, now people stitch a round

get your knit on, go
get your knit on, go
get your knit on, go
get your knit on, go HOLLA
get your knit on, go
get your knit on, go
getcha getcha getcha getcha getcha knit on HOLLA…

Last night I went to hang with the Fiber Gang at a local coffee shop. Yo! It didn’t matter that some of us are knitters and some of us are crocheters, and some of us stitch both ways. We even had a rare thing – a spinner – among us! Ya’ll, it was a beautiful thing. Pretty yarns everywhere, all being knitted, purled, seed stitched, single, double and even triple crocheted! I mean, if the fiber community can get along, why can’t everyone!? I felt really at peace with my cotton last night. It was inspiring. Brought a tear to my eye. There was pattern sharing and technique sharing too!

The most exciting part was when I realized I mis-read my pattern. I thought the skirt of my dress was never going to end…but then I re-read the pattern and noted that I needed to knit 8.75 inches, not 19 inches – it’s 19 cm for the small dress. I’m making the medium and using US customary units of measurement, not the metric measurements. Helps if you pay attention! So I’m half done with the back side of this cute little dress. I’m ready to split the back side of the skirt to make the back opening. Isn’t this just sweet? Notice the picot neckline. Simple, but precious.

Mabel Dress

April 4, 2007

Major Dilemma

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Help! I need advice stat. I hate quandries, and unexpectedly I’ve found myself in one.

Hypothetically, if you received an email from someone you used to work with, and they are inquiring about a position where you currently work, but a) you didn’t particularly like this person personally, b) professionally their work was fine, but c) there were issues with professional/interpersonal demeanor, which you both observed and heard from more than one person, including the director of your previous organization, what the hell do you do? Do you politely decline to them to put their resume forward? Do you put their resume forward but give a lukewarm recommendation? Do you tell them you put their resume forward but not? Help! Advice needed…

April 3, 2007

Culinary Delights

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So maybe I am a snob. In this case, I don’t really care what implications that may have. I just know that I don’t like to eat food out of a box if at all possible. My great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother have all influenced to think that if you have the time, make it right. And in most cases, that means from scratch. We don’t use Bisquik for our pancakes or biscuits! (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…) 

Of course there are exceptions. While I can make a damn good cake from scratch, time usually dictates that I use a box cake mix. I’m still working on my pie crusts (my mom won’t tell me her secret), and so in an emergency situation, I’ve purchased frozen pie crusts. I’m not experienced with bread, so those little crescent rolls are a lifesaver, and Elle loves to help roll them up, plus it’s fun to make the can pop.

But when it comes to my meals, I like to use fresh ingredients. I’ve never found a dinner from a box that had a natural flavor I could identify, and they are so salty they make my fingers swell. And so, last week, when I hurt my foot, and it was raining and we had to stop by the store to get food for dinner, my dear, sweet, darling Nick went in to forage.

And he came out with Tuna Helper, canned ravioli, and boxes of macaroni and cheese. Just thinking of it now makes me ill. Canned ravioli! I didn’t even like Chef Boyardee when I was a kid. Kraft macaroni and cheese I can deal with on occasion, but I don’t think he got the Kraft brand. I know, I know, store brand is supposed to be the same…but it’s worse. And Tuna Helper? Macaroni and cheese with tuna? I bust out with this for dinner last Tuesday and he comes out with canned ravioli and Tuna Helper?*

Is this a defective gene men have? Maybe a throwback to his bachelor days? You know, back when Top Ramen was a delicacy? And is it all related to the problem they have with matching socks? What? They’re both white…never mind that one has a gold toe and heel and the other has green stitching and is a tube sock.

*I am not an ungrateful wench. I’m just a picky eater that’s just a little more than grossed out by most foods from a box. I do appreciate my husband and his efforts, and the kids loved the canned ravioli. I had to look away while they ate it though.

What is the one thing you absolutely will not eat? Do you have a love for all foods boxed? What’s the secret to making them edible?

April 1, 2007

Walking Fine Here, But Sitting on my Tush…Just in Case

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I’ve managed to stay upright since Friday. You’ll all be happy to know that I haven’t taken a spill since the last incident. I appreciate all the concern. I’ll keep an eye on myself. And if I have any more issues, believe me Nick will drag my butt to the doctor quicker than you can blink. I’ve tried to stay off of my feet most of the weekend, except for the part of the day today where I mowed the lawn and trimmed the hedges. And when I cleaned the kitchen. And then my ankle hurt. But my butt was firmly planted on the couch Saturday.

Nick and I watched several movies, including Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House and That Touch of Mink. In both movies I briefly got to see Cary Grant shirtless. The stars of today don’t have anything on Mr. Grant. He was 58 in That Touch of Mink. And in excellent shape. I plan to watch more of his movies. 😉 Then we watched the movie Wonderland. Gruesome, gruesome murders. Of course I’m not all that familar with Mr. Holmes’ work, so, I didn’t really have a vested interest in the film. We watched parts of a couple of other things too, none of which are memorable. Tonight we watched The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. I really like Julianne Moore. She’s a very good actress I think. And Woody Harrelson was in this too – a completely unsympathetic character I thought. But an inspiring, sad, true story. And, to top it all off, I watched Part I of Empire Falls. I do like Ed Harris and Paul Newman.

What about you? See any good movies this weekend?

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