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May 2, 2007

Russian Roulette

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We’ve played this game over and over the last few weeks. Storm after storm has come through. And tonight was our night.

Nick and I dropped the kids with their dad, went to dinner, and then to my knitting group. As soon as we got to the coffe shop, the skies let loose. As we drove home later, I got so nervous as I passed blocks with no power and house after house with tree branches down.

Tonight the Big Tree got hit by lightning. There was a burn mark on the base, and on a middle branch from what I assume to have been an arc. Half our tree was laying over the fence into the alley. I couldn’t get through and had to drive around the other alley entrance in order to get to our driveway.

I’m just thankful the tree fell away from the house. Nick has been wanting to get rid of the tree for the last year, and I’ve wanted to replace the chain-link fence with a wood fence ever since I moved into this house. Now maybe we’ll both get our wish.

Fortunately two of our neighbors down the way brought out their chain saws and helped us clear the branches from the alley and the ones that were hanging on the telephone wires. So from about 9:30 to about 11 pm, there were loud chainsaw noises coming from our back yard. I hope the other neighbors didn’t mind too much.

It’s too dark to take pictures. But come morning light, I will be taking some for insurance purposes. Got lots and lots of cleaning up to do now. We also lost part of the fence that separates the front yard from the side yard and hides the air conditioning unit. It blew right over.

All in all we were fairly lucky. ‘Tis only a flesh wound.

Update: I’m now not sure if it was lightning or just a rotted part of the tree. Nick and I assessed the area this morning, and hopefully no other branches were damaged in the storm. As you can see, the tree is BIG. We picked up all the branches and left some of the stumps to burn later next winter after they cure. We’ll move them later. The city is supposed to come out and pick up all the debris we piled up. Still pretty lucky.


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