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May 4, 2007

Another Favor

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I’m being awfully needy this week. I’m usually not like this.

Today we got another call. At first I feared it was worse than it really was. Nick got a call from his dad’s neighbor. Fortunately it wasn’t that call. See, Pop is deaf, and so he had the neighbor call Nick to talk to him. Then Pop got on the phone. He told Nick that he’s tired, that he aches, and that he’s lonely. He wanted the neighbor to bring his car to us. And then he asked Nick if he could come live with us. His exact words: ‘Son, do you think you could take me in?’.

So, Nick is flying to El Paso tonight. He’ll help his dad gather some things up, and then he’s bringing him home to stay with us. I’m pretty sure this is going to be permanent. I don’t think it’ll just be for a while until he feels better.

This weekend, my mom is coming to help me clear out my office. Elle will be temporarily displaced, as the office is too far from the bathroom for Pop to stay.

My heart is breaking for Nick. It’s only in the past couple of years since his mom died that he really got to know his dad. So he’s very upset that his dad has made this request. For a man like Pop to ask for this means that he’s likely ready to start dying.

Please keep my dear husband and his sweet father in your thoughts and prayers…for Nick to have a safe flight and that they both have a safe drive back…that I have strength this weekend as I have to clear space and make room for a most welcome visitor, for however long he may choose to stay…for my children to have the patience to deal with this sudden change to their life.

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