Interstellar Adventures

May 29, 2007

70 years, 647 miles, 3 feet

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It had been 10 years since Pop had been on a plane. He didn’t seem too nervous though. Nick and I were the frantic ones I think. The staff at Love Field made it easy for us though. Wheelchair? Jump to the front of the line at baggage check in. Wheelchair? Jump to the front of the line at security check in. Wheelchair? Jump to the head of the boarding line. We were the first ones on the plane and got the bulkhead seats with lots of leg room. We had a wheelchair waiting for us at the gate in El Paso, and took it straight to the rental car, where the attendant took it over and off we drove.

At Pop’s house we jumped right to work. Emptying out the refrigerators (all three), the kitchen, grocery bags from stores that aren’t even open anymore, and more than you can imagine. If we wanted it, we kept it. If we didn’t, it was either deemed garbage or donation. Pop went and sat on the patio after a while, and he pretty much stayed there the whole weekend. I don’t think he wanted to watch.


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