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June 1, 2007

New Soccer Mom on the Block

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Thusfar, our experience with soccer and Elle has been all rec and all for fun. Starting tomorrow, we enter the big leagues. Select Soccer. Elle had to go try out a couple of weeks ago, and after the practice the coach said he would be glad for her to join the team. “She’s good. She does need to work on fundamentals, but she’s good.” With just two practices with these coaches, I’m already seeing an improvement in her footwork and skills.

We’re starting with the shorter indoor season, and our game tomorrow is at 7:42 AM. That’s in the morning people. Early in the morning. We’re going to have to get up at 6 am on a Saturday. That in itself is just wrong. Tonight we have to go to Academy to get new shorts and socks in the appropriate color for the new team. Oh, and ponytail holders in the right color too. Can’t forget those.

I’m also going to be the ‘new mom on the block’. I won’t know any of the other mom’s on the team. One other girl from Elle’s team is playing, but she’s playing an age group down because of when her birthday is, despite the fact that she and Elle are in the same grade. I’m not good at talking to other moms. Especially not early in the morning. And especially not Soccer Moms. Our resume is rec league only, so I feel a little like the white trash soccer mom. But hopefully Elle will play well and ease my transition. No pressure kid.

Update: Well, she pulled through for me. Like it’s all about me. Her team was technically better than the opposing team and we won easily. They stopped counting goals after we scored 8, and I’m pretty sure we scored at least 8 more. Elle scored two goals in the first half! Way to go baby! There are several girls on the team that have excellent skills, and Elle has a lot to learn. She has the time, and I’ll find the money. We’re thinking World Cup one of these days. 😛 

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