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June 7, 2007

Them’s the facts, Jack

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1. I can teach myself to do just anything. I’m a very hands-on learner, and I can usually figure something out if I do it enough times. I taught myself to read music (treble clef that is, I learned bass clef in band), I taught myself to play the piano (not Rachmaninoff, but still, I could play with two hands), I taught myself to knit, and many other things. Depending on how interesting I find the activity, I will either decide to learn more, or I’ll live with knowing as little as I want.

2. I’m not very patient. I think this is because I’m so hands-on. I can’t stand to sit back and watch someone else do something. BUT, I try very very hard to hold myself back. Sometimes I’m more successful than others. I’m going to get more practice at this, because I think I’m going to teach Zed to cook. He’s learned laundry and dishes. Cooking is next on the ‘survival skills’ list.

3. I’m a Sagittarius. This description is pretty accurate of me.

4. I wear my heart on my sleeve and my emotions are very rarely hidden. This has gotten me in trouble many times. If you make me mad, you pretty much know it immediately. In the past people may have referred to my ‘glare of death’. I don’t know what they may have been talking about…

5. If I could sing, I would want to be a rock star. And not some skanky pop star like Britney or whatever. But like Gwen Stefani before she got all weird with the yodeling.

6. When I was 4, I tried to run away from home. My mom had promised to take me to the zoo, but was going to take a nap first. I decided not to wait. So I took her purse, got in the front seat, and emptied her purse to find the keys. Had it not been for the mailman that foiled my plans, I would have made it too. Headstrong? Nah.

7. I took ballet for 12 years. At my first recital, I decided to explore the stage. During the big kids production of ‘Hansel & Gretel’ I snuck onto the stage behind the oven prop. When the Witch opened the oven door, I yelled “Boo!” to her and then scurried back off the stage. I’m not mischevious either.

8. I eat my meals one food at a time. Meat, vegetable, vegetable. Salad has to be completed before I start on my entree, or else the salad doesn’t get finished. Same for any appetizer. So it really preturbs me when waiters rush my meal through. I’ve been known to send my entrees back because I wasn’t ready for them. Especially after I ask the waiter to delay putting the order in.

Golly that was hard. I’ve done a few of these type of memes and it gets harder and harder to find things to share. And now, 8 people to tag. How’s about… Carnealian, Silly Old Bear, Bone, Sparky Duck, Jolynn, Marie, TSM, & Laura. Don’t be shy now ya’ll.

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