Interstellar Adventures

June 15, 2007

Take me home, please

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3 am Wednesday came waaaay to early. On the flight to Baltimore I slept in 15 minute spurts. The meetings were long, followed by a long, long night. Dinner followed by play time followed by a visit to a really cool Irish bar where we hung around until last call. I vaguely remember getting a cab back to the hotel, not being able to find my room key, then it miraculously appearing out of my purse. 8 am Thursday came waaaay to early. I don’t know how I managed the morning. By the skin of my teeth really. And I do think they had skin, even though I brushed twice. Fortunately my coworkers were in relatively the same state. I managed to sleep most of the trip back which helped. By the time I got home I finally felt better. Maybe I had finally recovered from my hangover. Maybe just being back home made me feel better. There’s no place like it, really. One trip down, two more to go.

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