Interstellar Adventures

June 21, 2007

I think I’ll burn my bra

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But not for feministic reasons. But rather because it smells like it was put in a smokebox. And it was. We went to a local bar last night. Paid our $1 membership fee. Had to fill out a form to get it too. I thought it was maybe for Homeland Security. But it’s just to buy beer. The membership will probably be used again the next time I come out here.

After a mediocre dinner where my steak came with the post that said M RARE but was actually cooked WELL, we went to play some foosball. I’m not a talent at such bar games, but I managed to hold my own for awhile and my partner and I won at least 1 game. At least I didn’t have to hold my head in shame.

By 11 pm I was toast, having still not recovered my drinkin legs after the debauchery of the previous week. Today was a full day, and I needed my beauty sleep. This morning I checked my upper-half undergarment and immediately put it in the bottom of the plastic laundry bag, and topped it with my outfit from last night. Fortunately I thought to bring a spare holder for the twins, and we managed not to go out tonight, so I’ll be in the clear tomorrow.

My first ride here on the commuter jet was a little sketchy at parts. My ears still hurt from the noise. And the fact that the pressurized cabin was just pressurized enough to sustain life. I was popping my ears every five minutes. And that not-so-brief segment of turbulence nearly caused me to lose my venti latte. Hopefully the ride home tomorrow is a bit more smooth, especially since the plane is full.

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