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July 13, 2007

Just call me Princess Vivian

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Wow. Being a contractor just must be the life. Work when you want. Show up when you want. Or not at all. These guys must be raking it in so much so that they can afford to just not show up for jobs, blow off estimate appointments, and just plain not call you back.

What happened to common decency? Not wasting someone’s time? Calling when you are going to be late? Letting someone know that you need to reschedule? One hour late is NOT on time. You say you’re going to be somewhere at an appointed time then you should be there. And if you know that you’re going to be late – a clue…you’re 30 minutes from where you need to be and not ready to leave yet and it’s say, 30 minutes before the appointment time: YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE – then you need to pick up the damn phone.

I’m amazed at how people run their businesses. And I use the term business in the loosest sense of the word. They treat it more like a paid hobby.

I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I have money to spend and people won’t help me! You get paid by the hour right? I have work to do for which I will pay you with money. But you obviously don’t want my money. And Angie’s List isn’t any help. I’ve called contractors with A ratings, and they’re just as likely to offend as the guy from Craigs List or the guy from the flyer in the coupon mailer. Jerks.

Anyone know how to rip out a sliding glass door, reframe and install French Doors? I’ve got the money. Seriously. Just call me. I’ll even buy you beer when you’re done. Just please…call!

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