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July 18, 2007

I haven’t felt this way in some time

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Not since I came home to find half my furniture and my (ex)husband gone. As I was then, I am so angry right now. I think at one point my head lept off my shoulders, spun around and fire came out of my eyeballs. And then I cried.

Everything is OK, for now. Someone close to me is having to go through some things right now that are completely unfair and completely unfounded. Evidently up until today things were not going very well. In fact, things could have gone very, very, very badly. And it’s not over. He has a fight ahead of him. Hopefully it will all come out right and for the best.

I know there are bad people in this world. And then there are people that are just plain evil. And that’s what we’ve encountered. Plain evil. It’s wrong for me to wish bad things on someone else. Bad for my karma. Not right in general. But at this point I can’t help it. I try believe that all people have some positive, redeeming qualities. But in this case I don’t see any. 

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