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August 13, 2007

Summer Decided to Show Up After All

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After an extremely rainy June and a moderate July, August came around and so did summer. July’s hottest day was 96, but most days were in the 80’s. All of August has been 90’s, with yesterday rounding out at a solid, first-time-this-summer-ever 102F. Gag me. The rain slacked off, and the temperatures sky rocketed. My electric bill this month should be interesting. And I’m actually going to have to turn my spriklers on for the first time this season. I guess as summers go it’s been pretty good.

Elle and Zed spent another uneventful weekend at their dad’s. We asked Elle “What did you do?” Watched TV. “Did you go anywhere?” Not except my soccer game. Nice. Good quality family time. I barely kept the tip of my tongue I was biting it so hard. After Elle spent the month of July calling me and asking me if she could just come back home, I started asking what they do. They watch a lot of TV. Oh, and The Ex can’t afford more child support, but he just bought a new TV. Excellent. Priorities. Because now they have 3.

The kids start school in two weeks. I’m ready for them to go back. Last year they’d already started by this time, but the Texas Legislature mandated a later start because parents were complaining about starting earlier and all the long breaks schools were taking during the year. Still, Elle has an early release day at least once a month this year. I don’t understand why.

My bathroom is nearly done. The tile installers worked Saturday & Sunday and tiled the shower stall and the floor. It looks pretty fantastic in my opinion. We need our other contractor to come out and finish off the ceiling and side walls where we had to demo to put the new shower in. But other than that, we are nearly DONE with the big stuff. Next weekend the tilers will come back and lay the front bath floor. Projects are being ticked off the list. I hope to have everything done by the end of September. Counter tops are next on the list. We should have a new estimate from Lowe’s some time this week. Exciting! I’ll be glad when al the home improvement is done and we are able to list our house. I want all this over and done with. It’s very stressful, worrying and waiting and wondering. Which makes this weekend’s knitting quote of the day very appropos.

When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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