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August 14, 2007

Keeping them Entertained

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Nick got a job working from home. It’s perfect, because the kids don’t have to go to daycamp. And once school starts (August 27th can’t come too soon), he’ll be here when they get home. Plus he’ll be around for his dad, and able to be more flexible with doctor’s appointments and such.

But until the school year starts, the kids have to entertain themselves somewhat during the day. And not all electronic entertainment. Elle has been reading the Junie B. Jones books. Zed finished Harry Potter VII last week. Today he started on Tom Sawyer. They also have ‘summer workbooks’ which I procured from Barnes & Noble. Grade-level tasks to refresh their young minds. Zed is working on reading comprehension and Elle is working on writing, math & reading. And, their time is interspersed with Game Boy, lunch, naps, walks and movies. Today was Where the Red Fern Grows. The 1974 version based on the Wilson Rawls novel. If you haven’t read this book, read it. If you haven’t seen this movie, see it. One of the great boy-dog stories of all time. I read this book in 6th grade English, and openly cried in class. It’s stuck with me ever since.

T0night I traded in the BBOnline DVD for a free in-store rental. Tomorrow they will watch Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog. Trying to find a movie that is suitable and palatable for both nearly-9 and just-12 year old kids is tough. Another movie that I’ll be looking for is The Journey of Natty Gann. I was 10 when this movie came out, and I loved it. And it’s loosely related to the canine theme with the wolf. And of course Old Yeller. What other framily-friendly dog-themed movies are there? I mean, besides Lassie & Benji.

Tonight at dinner, we somehow came to talk about the subject of dating. Zed is in 7th grade this year, and has had a crushes on a couple of girls over the last couple of years. Of course, these are the from-afar-she-doesn’t-know-I-exist-crushes. He typically gets very embarassed when talking about girls, but tonight he was asking questions. Like about how you actually ask a girl out and what kinds of things you say to get her phone number. GULP.

Nick, of course, being Mr. Suave (um, you have read about how he asked me out again at the end of our first date, right?) gave him a few tips. I told Zed his mom is a sucker for big, goofy, hairy guys and not to take his advice so readily. After cautionary tales of cheesy pick-up lines such as “Wow, did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?”, Zed thought up his own. On the way home he asked “What about this? ‘Call the doctor – I’ll need surgery on my eyes after being blinded by your beauty.'” Bwah ha ha. I couldn’t contain my chuckles. We advised him against obvious flattery. This is going to be fun.

What’s the best/worst pick-up line you’ve ever used/heard?


  1. I was drinking with friends a few years ago (and was completely inebriated). A guy came up to me and asked me my name. My response? “Sex Kitten” – said while batting my eyes and arching my back to give him a better view of my boobs. And no, I’m not proud of that. Don’t teach that to your kids. But it did work. 😉

    (PS: Love redesign – very pretty!)

    Comment by JustCara — August 15, 2007 @ 5:22 am |Reply

  2. luckily I never used pick up lines. Unluckily, I was pretty freaking lonely in college 😉

    check out any of the air bud movies, sports and dogs, who doesnt love that?

    Comment by Sparky Duck — August 15, 2007 @ 6:55 am |Reply

  3. How fun!!

    Comment by raehan — August 15, 2007 @ 8:29 am |Reply

  4. Those are such great movies. I just had a little walk down memory lane thinking about those movies. You are such a good mom getting such great movies. I got the kids Poltergeist once. They thought it was LAME. It was sort of. You did good.

    Comment by Jolynn — August 15, 2007 @ 3:24 pm |Reply

  5. It’s been so long since I’ve used a cheesy pick-up line, I may have forgotten.

    Although when I did use them, I found it best to use a Sean Connery accent.

    Comment by creative-type dad — August 16, 2007 @ 12:10 am |Reply

  6. Congrats to Nick that he got a job working from home! I’m so jealous.

    Comment by Indigo — August 16, 2007 @ 7:51 am |Reply

  7. We went to the zoo one year because two of the endangered Giant Pandas were there. We were leaving and I asked these two hotties, “So, did you enjoy the Giant Pandas?”

    They giggled. That’s good, right.

    That’s the worst line I ever used. Or best, depending on your point of view, I guess.

    Comment by Bone — August 17, 2007 @ 9:26 am |Reply

  8. I’ve busted my 13-year-old checking out girls that are way out of his league (I’d say). BAD girls, y’know? The 12-year-old seems a little more excited than would be expected that the new girl who moved in up the street is on his team at school. Hmm…. You’ll have to keep us posted on the developments at your place!

    I’ve never actually finished “Where the Red Fern Grows” and really want to. It’s been assigned to my kids in school, so I’ve read along with them for their at-home reading times, but they’ve always finished the darn thing at school! I’ll just have to get it for myself.

    Comment by AbbyNormal — August 17, 2007 @ 1:16 pm |Reply

  9. “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”. Just kidding, that was actually the FUNNIEST, not the best…

    You know, the original 1959 version of the Shaggy Dog movie! I loved that movie! Also remember the movie “Beethoven” about the drooling dog?

    I also am super jealous of the job working from home!!

    Comment by Jenny B — August 18, 2007 @ 10:53 pm |Reply

  10. “Are you gonna finish that drink?”

    I know. How scary is that?

    Comment by Kristen — August 24, 2007 @ 8:48 pm |Reply

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