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August 23, 2007

Home is Where the Contractor Is

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I think I’m grinding my teeth more. Might explain the headaches I’ve been having. We’re so close to finishing a few projects. It’s making me itch thinking about how close we are. And I’m just wanting to throw my hands up, hoping they’ll finish themselves.

The guy who did the texturing around our new french doors is supposed to come back and fix a corner. Only he won’t call us back. I’m going to have to call our realtor and have her get on him, since she recommended him and all. And since we paid him a shitload of money.

The bathroom floors are done and they look great. I promise I’ll post pictures. One day. For real. Now we just need baseboards installed. You think it’s easy, but it’s totally not.

I took a shower in MY.OWN.SHOWER. this week for the first time since November. I.Loved.It. Heaven. Shame we’re trying to leave it now.

Kitchen countertops are ordered. And why do they have to template after they’ve already measured? And why does it take two weeks for them to come out and cut some cardboard? Especially after I have to prepay for it. Home improvement is a total racket.

We’ve figured out who the assholes at Home Depot and Lowes are. And we’ve figured out who will actually help us. Their motto should be “You Can Do It. We Can Sit Back and Laugh Our Asses Off At You and Not Give A Straight Answer to Your Questions.”

Pop’s house is supposed to close tomorrow. Nick and Pop are at the title company right now. Cross fingers, that’s done. Once our counters are installed, I’m listing our house, despite the fact that the cabinet doors won’t be changed out. I’m going to just paint them and put on some new hardware. If I can get away without changing them that’s what I’m going to do.

Now that the majority of the heavy stuff is done, it’s me and my roller brush. A six-pack of beer to anyone that comes and helps me paint a room! And I mean good beer. Not LoneStar Light.

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