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August 27, 2007

Painters Crack

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Since I do not plumb, that’s what I’ll call it. Last night, while bending over to re-soak my 3/4″ nap roller brush with masonry/stucco paint, Elle informed me that I needed to ‘pull my pants up’. Thanks baby. Mommy loves it when you make her aware of just how un-hot she is.

Saturday’s total paint purchase was 7 gallons of paint: 1 gallon masonry paint in Belgian Sweet, 4 gallons Toasted Wheat, and 2 gallons Creamy White. Plus 2 gallons of celing paint, and 5 gallons of primer. This all for a living room, kitchen, hallway and to cover the Mermaid Song green in Elle’s room. If you bought stock in Kilz last week, their profits just went up.

Attired in my painting gear – hole-y, grey Old Navy lounge pants, paint-smeared red Old Navy tank top, hair pulled into pony tail, bangs held back with mini-claw clip, old tennis shoes with no socks – I painted my fireplace last night. After I had painted my ceiling. I spent most of yesterday with snow-white freckles on my face and arms. Then discovered a new use for my fireplace ledge – stairstepper! All this time and I had a great piece of gym equipment occupying my living room.

I also removed the ugly wood wall paneling from the TV wall. It felt good to tear that stuff down. We’ll prime and paint that wall, and then apply white beadboard. The room already looks twice as big!

It’s nice to finally see some progress. Painting in the fireplace was a good decision. Nick had intially been against it, but then when he commented on how he liked a fireplace in a house on which we were doing recon, I noted it was painted. Last night, I was very pleased with the outcome, even though we still have to paint some of the grout lines. Painting concrete is a bitch! And tough on the brush. The one I’m using will have to be retired after this job.

With the long Labor Day holiday coming up, I plan to be done by next Monday. But here’s what the Behr web site says my living room will look like when I get it painted. Sadly, the lighting in my house isn’t this good, and my furniture isn’t nearly as cool. Just imagine a 12-year old couch and two recliners in place.


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