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August 31, 2007

Welcome, Sports Fans!

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I find myself in a postion that I promised myself I would never get into. This semester, we will be suffering from OverSportitis. A long time ago I had a hard and fast rule. No child would be in more than one sport at any one time. Elle played soccer, and basketball in the off (winter) season. Zed played baseball when he was little. Then he decided on basketball. Football was a big no-no. “I will not even consider it until you are in seventh grade.”

I never stopped to think about what I would do once he got to seventh grade. Did I mention that he has started seventh grade this year? The whole ‘pick your classes for next year’ process was very confusing last year. Basketball is only a second semester sport. Tryouts aren’t even until November. So I figured he’d be put in another class for first semester. Art, drama, something. Nope. He got Athletics for the whole year. So I thought maybe he’d be put in some kind of off-season fitness thing, which would be good for him. This summer he grew a couple of inches and lost 11 pounds. Keeping him active was going to be the best thing.

So, imagine my chagrin when Nick put me on the phone with him on Monday. “Mom, I want to ask you something.” Uh. OK. “Since basketball doesn’t start until next semester and I’m already in Athletics, can I play football?” My head screamed NO! And then my heart hurt a little. And then conversations with Nick played over and over in my head. “You don’t want the boy to have regrets when he’s older. You don’t want him sitting with his friends, sharing stories, and regretting that he never tried football.” Of course I don’t want to hold him back. So I said Yes. Zed couldn’t believe it. “Really? Oh cool! My best friend J is playing and this is going to be so much fun.” The excitement in his voice still wasn’t enough to cover my fear. Because of course, in my mind, the worst is going to happen – a catastrophic injury of some kind.

So Nick took him for his physical, bought him a jock, cleats and mouthguard, and got him prepped. They started practice yesterday. But it wasn’t until I was talking with The Ex that it fully dawned on me. I’d already paid for and signed him up for basketball. So Zed will be playing basketball at the rec center, football at school, and be in the band. (Sidenote: I also checked the band schedule, and they never play at a 7th grade game.) Plus he’ll have his homework and other chores.

On top of that, Elle is playing on TWO soccer teams. She begged to play one more season with her rec team that she’s played with since Kindergarden. And she wants to play with her new club team. I had to check those rules too. Technically they’re not allowed to play on two teams, but since they’re in different divisions, they allow it. So, she’ll have two games and two practices per week.

Basketball, football, soccer, band…my head is already swimming. I’m going to have to be more faithful to my calendar book and remember to write it all down like I’m supposed to. And to stand and smile on the sidelines, cheering for every good play, wincing and enouraging at the not-so-good plays.

On top of it all, between now and October, I’m also playing dominoes, golf, softball, running, biking, and swimming (hoping a business trip gets me out of that one) for my company’s team during a Special Olympics fundraiser thingy-mabob. Sleep? What’s that?

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