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September 10, 2007

Pretty Sure I’m Just Freaking Out A Little

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On Saturday Elle was getting ready for her three soccer games – indoor playoff, outdoor club, outdoor rec. I was in her room, lamenting it’s messiness, when she threw me a curve ball. She complained that her left breast area was bruised. I thought this was odd, but maybe she’d been hit with a ball in practice or something.

But when I took a closer look, I didn’t see any bruising. So I felt around her nipple and about fell over when I felt a lump. So I felt the other side. No lump. Me being me, I immediately panic on the inside, all while trying to act very normal, so as not to freak her out. Continue about your day as normal, everything is OK.

I spent more of the weekend obsessing over this issue. Also freaking out a little because I don’t have a pediatrician that we see regularly, and haven’t in some time. We have a family GP that is generally pretty good, and who I used for Zed’s first-ever sports physical just a few weeks ago. But with whatever this is, I decided that she needed to see a pediatrician.

And, further, to soothe my mind, I of course decided to Google ‘breast lumps in 8-year olds’. And I actually do feel better. Sort of. From several boards that I found, this is most likely a pre-pubescent breast bud. I hope to have this confirmed tomorrow morning.

But this leads to another worry. Prepubescent! I remember 1 girl in my 3rd grade class that actually had boobs. At least a B cup. But I didn’t get my girly bits until I was in 5th or 6th grade I think. I’ve heard about girls starting earlier, and in several boards, some commenters mentioned they started their periods at age 9! (Sidenote: Elle turns 9 in 12 days). At least by looking this up, if this is truly what the situation is, I’ve got lots of questions to ask.

This could also explain why Elle has been a wreck the last couple of months. She’s more emotional lately than ever, and cries at the drop of a hat. And I am so not ready for this! My baby. My little girl. She’s not ready for it either. She’s still such a tomboy. I’m sure we’ll get our money’s worth at the doctor’s office tomorrow.

How about any of you moms parents with girls? Is this normal? Am I over-reacting?

Update: Our visit to the doctor eased my mind a bit. Totally normal. This is seen in both boys and girls. Watch it, and it will probably go away. It is a little early for this to be buds, but if the other one starts to develop as well, don’t be alarmed. Mom freak-out can go back to guarded.

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