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September 16, 2007

Overheard in the makeup aisle

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I was doing some shopping at Target this evening. I needed a creme-to-powder foundation because a) my liquid foundation is a little too dark, and b) I’m flying to Cincinnati this week, and my liquids bag space limit is, well, limited. Sadly, my usual brand was out of the color I needed, so I was taking my sweet time, exploring the other brands and colors.

As I was gagging over the Boots No 7 foundation price, I hear a very loud, very obnoxious, very angry voice from the end of the aisle. A guy and a girl had a cart near the end cap, and he was yelling at her, telling her to hurry the f*ck up, telling her she was ‘stupidly’ staring at products and couldn’t make up her f*cking mind. At first I didn’t look up, but as the insults continued, I couldn’t help but turn to look at him and stare his angry ass down.

She didn’t see me looking, but I caught his eye and raised my eyebrows at him. He looked away and moved the cart to another aisle. Where he continued to bereate her. She asked him several times to leave her alone, to stop yelling, and to let her finish. But he didn’t. They moved again to another end of the cosmetics section, further away, and he was still going at her.

So, I turned my cart, approached them. “Are you all right?” I asked. She looked at me and didn’t say anything. Then he said “Yeah she’s all right. She’s my sister.”. Then she said to him to cut it out and stop being so loud. I still continued to stand there as he walked back toward her again. Then she looked at me and said “Yes, I’m OK.” And then they walked off.

I usually don’t stick my nose in other people’s arguements, but this went on, and it was loud, and it was very apparent that he was very angry. I thought maybe if I brought it to his attention that he was being obnoxious, he would quiet down. But then I thought, well, what if approaching him made it worse for her. I was 100% prepared to find a Target employee or security guard. I mean this guy was picking stuff up from the basket, leaning over into the girls face, and then slamming the stuff back down. This wasn’t just someone frustrated. This was someone that gets ugly. A little later, I was on the Eye Care aisle, and I saw the girl walk by again, with a case of soda on her shoulder. She smiled at me, although rather weakly.

My step-dad was a yeller. And so was my Ex, when he was drunk. I don’t like people that yell. It scares me and it brings up those feelings of smallness and helplessness that I used to feel in those situations. And to me, if someone is willing to exhibit that behavior in public, they’ll go even further in private. Whether he was this girl’s brother or not, there was no reason for him to be yelling at her in Target. I just hope I didn’t cause any further problems for her.

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